Broken rulers, Van Toan themselves, gave their own new name


Myanmar 0-0 Vietnam Main Events A Cup A 201 2018 Event

Return after & # 39; game with Myanmar, Van Toan's confrontation has set his new name for an "offside". Due to this player, player Hoang Anh Gia Lai, the referee refused to focus the outside.

Unfortunately, because it was not possible to measure three points for the team, Van Toan photographed the page Facebook Personally, the title is: "My friend … I'm sorry …". Not only does this online line show disappointment Van Toan but also a bit of satire with the referee.

Unfortunately because he has no recognized goals, Van Toan is not himself called a "offside" full.

Many fans have been on Van Human division. There was a lot of inspiration and confidence to the 9th soldier in the Vietnamese team. He was sorry for Toan because he had no first chance in his / her; competition, partly due to the urgency and Thai regulations.

And with fans' support, and possibly in the next games, the fight against the fans of Van Toan will be a bit worse; and let's leave his "offside" name by itself.

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