Bronch! Agata got out of the house after violent talks with the man – National


Singer Agatha, 59, and Francisco Carvalho, the father of Francisquinho, the son of Abigail, had been together for 17 years, since 2002, when the singer moved to the town of Chaves.

In recent years, Ágata has been living between the town of Vila Real and Lisbon, where he kept a house and where he traveled. Most of the time for professional purposes.

Now this relationship of relationships seems to have come to an end. TV7 days the "marriage is over". Legend from the neighbors told the announcement, "they would argue every night and even got out of the house."

"I know they are separated, so tell me, tell you the truth, I have not seen you here in the months." She used it here and I saw her here in the white Mercedes, but she has never been going to Chaves games, because her husband is the president, and I've never seen i, "said another certificate of the publication.

Francisco Carvalho is the president of Desportivo de Chaves and who is an owner of the Publishing House, which the singer performed successfully. He was the entrepreneur; in itself confirmed that the love ended: "I'm alone and I'm right, it did not work, it did not work, but we're friends and Agatha is a # 39 ; come whenever she wants.

With the keys to the house of Chaves, the singer performs her; denying end of friendship. "The one who wants to call the call is, and so she is chasing her now and again and asking several times," said the store near her & # 39; couple.

The singer persuades him: "Divide, me? Wow! Even today, my husband has liked me, I'm feeling? No, not That's not true! "

The dispute is installed in the town of Chaves, waiting for sections of the next chapters.

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