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A consulting company states that the perspective lines are the safety responsibilities of the rural route where the death accident crash Humboldt Broncos.

A 70-page safety survey carried out for the Saskatchewan government states that the presence of trees, and most of private buildings, preventing the sight of drivers that come close to the south and east of the same directions as the bus and the halfway trapped; come from the time they put their opponents.

It is to settle with the landlord to remove the trees one of the 13 recommendations that are included in the report. Some of the other suggestions are in black strips, larger signs and "Stop" and "Stop Ahead" paintings on the road.

Sixteen people died and 13 others were injured in the crash at the northern boundary of Tisdale in April.

The bus traveled north of Highway 35 and the half was on the west side of Highway 335. Each road has a distance limit of 100 km / h. There is a stop sign at Highway 335. Highway 35 does not occur.

The RCMP has caused a truck driver, Jaskirat Sidhu, with 16 counts of death-causing death and 13 counts of dangerous drunkenness causing physical injuries.

The review states that RCMP researchers speak to advisers from McElhanney's Advisory Services about the causes they face; at the disaster because Sidhu's costs are still before the court.

The report authors received six accidents at the 1990s to 2017 and 14 on nearby roads.

One of these disasters was deadly. In 1997, six people were killed when a truck that was on the east did not open; stopped at Highway 335 and pulled by tractor trailing south.

The vehicles where there is a head on the other as a bus and a truck in the Broncos disaster. The accident did not investigate vehicles with their vehicles; traveling west and north.

"Although there have been two fatal disasters of excavation, there is a high prevalence at risk in the area, which includes complex accidents," the inspection is finishing "Significant charcoal movements have not been identified at crossing. However, the geometric design survey discovered a number of safety issues that could be threatened to reduce their risk. ; at the time of reducing it. "

The government was cutting some of the trees in October, but it's a Most of them are privately owned. There was also a private building inside the corner view, but was removed from the accident.

"The removal of trees within the triangle in the south-east corner of the window is useful," said the report.

"Removal of the building is located in the south east corner, which means that trees have not been removed but to achieve the triangle, which would be much more costly, but that it still needed to be resolved by the landlord. "


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12 December, 2018 / 12:08 f | Story:

The following year is expected to estimate economies for Newfoundland and Labrador, according to a new report with national economic ideas.

The Canadian Conference Board says it is expected that the region will drive the country into economic growth, because oil-makers are ashore.

Just a year after the most economical economic vision in 2018, the actual domestic output of the continent is expected to increase by 5.2 per cent in 2019.

The regional report said that the future of oil and future developments as the Bay du Nord development project, which is planned to build in 2020, is "a cause of hope for the future."

A significant salary increase is not expected until 2020 but employment numbers in the department should be in a position; Increasing the next year on the strength of the growing oil industry.

It is also expected that, according to the report, there will be a strong growth of 2.7 per cent, according to the report, by P.E.I. Benefiting from a sustainable immigrant and a tourism industry that has a " growing.

Request for P.E.I. the results have also been raised, and it is expected that a fair budget will help the continent be able to; Flexible challenges are treated as additional healthcare costs as well as raising home debt and government debt.

At B.C., it is expected that the latest Kitimat destination for LNG Canada's natural gas project will tighten economic growth.

The domestic economy of Alberta is built and GDP will be set for 2.2 per cent in 2019, the report said, but uncertainty in the department's own oil department around prices, transportation and production orders for ordering growth lower than expected.

It is expected that other sectors will see a slower economic growth of less than two hundred percent in 2019, with the expectation that Nova Scotia and New Brunswick see a percentage growth of 1.3 per cent, half.

Both divisions are increasingly slower as age numbers and baby boomers retiring from staff.

The economies of Quebec and Ontario are declining but it is expected that both grow by just under two percent, according to the report.

In Quebec, economic growth is expected to be reduced to 1.8 per cent as a moderate and more creative creation. Increasing levels of interest to retrieve consumer demand in the & # 39; share. The numbers show a huge economic reduction following a strong economic growth of three per cent in 2017 to 2018.

Fixed housing market loans and more responsible customer costs in Ontario contribute to a significant increase of GDP of 1.9 per cent in 2019, decreasing from 2.2 in 2018. The report also noted that planning Oshawa General Motors closed as a risk page for the department's republic.

At the same time, workforce is still slow in Saskatchewan as it is expected to see a small percentage of 1.6 per cent.

This number remains a solution from a 0.5% growth of the region's region in 2018, but may be retained as major construction projects such as the Regina Face and the Chinook Power Station near being ready.

It is also expected to see a slight growth of 1.9 per cent due to reflective plants and the department; See weaker investment as Manitoba Hydro's construction projects are falling down.

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December 12, 2018/12: 01pm | Story:

One of the worst aspects of the murder case of Richard Oland focuses on his son's exam at Wednesday's Wednesday: What happened to a multi-millions cell phone, the same as was the crime site?

Const. Stephen Davidson, chief inspector of Oland's death for St John's police, has been standing at Dennis Oland's second phase murder test, and Describing the steps he took to cell phone calls and searching texts in an effort to find out where the iPhone was lost.

"We made trial calls in the town of Saint John and Rothesay," said Davidson to the court.

The phone, which has never been found, and its known final route as an important evidence for its alleged lawsuit; continue his case at Oland's repeat in Saint John.

This is the second case for Dennis Oland after the adjudication of the jury in 2015 on an application in 2016 and order the new order. It is going before the judge only at the New Brunswick Court of Queens Bank.

When the corpse of the corpse of Richard Oland, aged 69, was found on July 7, 2011, on the floor of his home St John's office, He was the only thing he had on the iPhone. He had a valuable watch, the keys for their expensive cars were on the floor near his / her; body and money in the office was not shifted – it seemed unlikely to cause weaknesses.

Dennis Oland, 50, an investor councilor, is the last man to know he has seen his father alive. He was in his father's office from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on July 6, 2011. Most of the time, both were alone.

Oland told the police when he was in a hurry, left the office at 6:30 p.m., he returned to his home in Rothesay nearby, with a stop at the Skye County Pier to see if his children were swimming there.

Police and prosecutors say that the phone needed was also going to move at that time. It was a text message; in the last consultation with Richard Oland's cell at 6:44 p.m. on 6 July 2011, and appears to have put a tower in Rothesay, near the pier.

Rogers Communications, service provider Richard Oland, set up iPhone moves through data records. Already patients tell the court that they are calling for a cell network expert to call a cell network expert to verify that cell phones are usually linked to the nearest tower as this is the case; giving the strongest signal.

The autopsy results show that the multi-millionth businessman and a famous and famous member of a beautiful seaweed family was killed with over 40 blows on his head with armor-like armor and shaped hammer, & # 39; possibly something like a two-dimensional drywall thumbnail South West The army has never been found.


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Dec 12, 2018 / 10:54 am | Story:

Increased levels of interest and slower income and population growth helped the new mortgage demand in the second quarter, according to the Canadian Mortgage Housing Corp..

The federal housing group states that a smaller number of Canadians have opened their new mortgages in the three month period; came to an end on June 30, although the number of active mortgages and the value of these mortgages rose in the same season compared to a year ago.

In a report that examined the mortgage credit movements and users of the Equifax credit group, CMHC found that there were 205,000 new mortgages in the second quarter of 2018, down 11.9 per cent compared to a year ago.

The decline as the total number of active mortgage loans grew 1.3 per cent to six million loans, and the average loan value increased by 3.7 per cent to $ 205,980.

CMHC says that the overall equity of the country's mortgage also rises, up to five percent to $ 1.23 billion from the same period before.

The housing group says that a low national unemployment rate helps to; The number of mortgages left unpaid for 90 days or more. He found that the number of incidental loans fell to his & # 39; lowest point since information was issued in 2012. The total value of unpaid mortgages for 90 days or more fell by 10.4 per cent to $ 2.4 billion over the period compared to last year.

The report states that the highest mortgage payments were those aged 35 to 44 years with a monthly average of $ 1,380.

Mortgage loans meant a proportion rose by 66.5 per cent overall debts, saying CMHC.

It is the average monthly portion of the amount; non-mortgage debt, including credit card, car loan, credit line and $ 405 home equity credit line for mortgage owners. For non-mortgage owners, the monthly total amount is $ 267.

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Dec 12, 2018 / 9:39 m | Story:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recruited four new genres, completing all seats in the upstairs room.

The Synod has at least 105 years, the first time it had not been a job for about eight years ago.

Trudeau has recruited 49 appointments from being a prime minister and will be able to identify more in 2019.

There are five Conservative Conservatives registered for compulsory retirement age of 75 last year, next to the Session website, and # 39; including three before a federal election on the month of October.

Trudeau commented that the latest visit of practitioners will ensure that "the absolute level of integrity, co-operation and non-negotiation" in the reformed Assembly.

Margaret Dawn Anderson will broadcast the Seat of Northwest Land in the Assembly. Inuvialuk, she has been a public servant for the area for over 20 years, participating in the Inuvialuit self-government talks.

His first supporter at Yukon Pat Duncan helped to & # 39; signing land-making agreements with First Nations during its time in office and power transfer from federal government to the area. She takes the Yukon single message.

Trudeau employs Stanley Kutcher to an open seat in Nova Scotia. He is a professor at Dalhousie University, Kutcher, an expert on youth mental health and has been involved in mental health work in more than 20 countries.

Rosemary Moodie completed a vacancy in Ontario. She has been a medical nurse and a teacher at SickKids hospital in Toronto, receiving awards nationally and internationally for her work.

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Dec 12, 2018 / 8:02 m | Story:

The federal government is making new tight steps to address rising concerns about tired teams on commercial planes.

New rules will allow lower boundaries for the number of hours a pilot may have in the air and a duty before they need to go back.

The planning authority allows passengers who have a more difficult time to go to; meet those hours to create tired management systems to mitigate risks.

Minister of Transport, Marc Garneau, said these systems will provide some flexibility for special airlines, such as those in the. the north end.

The Canadian Transport will help airlines improve the new plans.

New rules are also introduced to prevent alcohol consumption of alcohol consumption; 12 hours distribution is obliged, an increase of eight hours.

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Dec 12, 2018 / 7:54 m | Story:

He has been in crisis and an unfortunate assault for Just Laughs, founded by Gilbert Rozon.

Quebec leader named on crime allegations and penalties of both taxes in today's statement.

They complain from allegations of one complainant who has a complaint; dates back to 1979. The fees are in accordance with the word in the Criminal Code at the time of the invasion.

The prosecution service says that 13 other files of criminal complaints against Rozon will not cost.

He says that the women who made their grievances are told about the reasons why taxes have not been lodged.

Rozon is also looking at a $ 10 million legal campaign going to a class; argues that he has harmed at least 20 women between 1982 and 2016. He has been the president of Just For Laughs last year.

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Dec 12, 2018 / 5:40 m | Story:

China plays a hard ball by going to # 39; holding Canadian diplomatic leaders after Canada was arrested by a Chinese chief executive.

In many ways it is like a classic Chinese response to your eyes that see: A & # 39; denying any harm, take the moral ground upright and take it; biggest weight to remove tension. But Beijing's holding on Michael Kovrig also appears to be a more frequent way of international riot under President Xi Jinping, who is in charge of a large expansion of the diplomatic, military and economic power of China.

China has often been reconciliation against foreign governments and securities in diplomatic disputes, but often by holding foreign nationals.

Kovrig was held on Monday in Beijing after the Chinese government appealed Canada's Ambassador John MacCallum over the weekend to protest on the Dec. 1 in Vancouver by Meng Wanzhou, chief finance officer of Huawei Technologies, the largest provider of the network game.

McCallum was warned about "heavy effects" unless Meng was released. Eventually, it was released on bail after a decision on whether it should be issued to the United States, where she wants to try to control against Iran.

China has refused to confirm that the Kovrig contract and Foreign Minister spokeswoman Lu Kang repeatedly queried Wednesday's reporters' queries saying he was "not going to offer "about the case.

But Lu said that the International Emergency Group, for which Kovrig was working in Hong Kong as an analyst, registered in China and that the actions in the country were illegal.

The Kovrig case is uncommon, but trade arrangements against companies from the countries facing Beijing have political or military issues become increasingly common because China's role is to become the second largest economy in the world. world.

Proportion is a suggestion that China will not only enter it when it comes forward.

In 2015, a Canadian couple was held in the north eastern China and was arrested by a spirit after arresting a man who had been arrested to steal a legitimate US U.S. for China.

Julia and Kevin Garrett, both Chinese long-term residents, were released months after the spy procurator, Su Bin, allowed himself to be brought to U.S. where he applied for an application.

Five years ago, as Xi was ready to take office as the party's secretary-parliament, China made four staff from the Malayach construction company following an invasion in Japan with the skipper of a Chinese fishing boat that gave the attack ship Protective boats outside Japan near islands surrounded by East China Sea.

The four were released immediately after Japan allowed the captain to go home.

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11 December, 2018 / 9:59 f | Story:

Anastasia Marcelin, originally from Haiti, says that she was an activist after he saw how the police of his home dealt with the three brothers; youth in their community in North Montreal.

It was part of a citizen's group at the city hall of Tuesday who stated that it was very encouraging when the Montreal police force showed its latest plan to stop the officers to & # 39; production.

"As soon as a young person gets a young car – the harassment will begin," said Marcelin in an interview, describing family and friends who had been in a hurry, run by police.

"I lived in Montreal North for 15 years, and I saw a police who destroyed the lives of young people."

Incoming Police Chief Executive, Sylvain Caron and other officers of the force plan 2018-21 raised the ban to stop a race record.

The brief plan is not information, but it includes steps to attract more visually impaired minorities and build stronger links with community groups.

It also includes a long-awaited commitment to gather and analyze data on complaints against the officers expressed in writing; race recording.

"There is a desire to continue working (to stop a race record)," said Caron from the audience. "We want to do more."

Marcelin named the plan "joke." She said the police had promised for years to address complaints about complaints and "nothing has changed."

Most of the questions from people in the council room had a & # 39; show tolerance and anger with police.

Many people who have not changed much in the way policeman is carrying behavior for people living in the neighbors of Montreal North and St-Michel, and many of them are mostly minority groups which is obvious.

Alex Norris, chair of the security of the public security committee, has "uncertain and consistent" measures in a plan that, police to face the case, especially in relation to the collection of profile information.

"We have a reason to be optimistic," said Norris.

Also on Tuesday, a lawyer was acting on behalf of the Black Covenant of Quebec that he seeks an agreement for a class action against the Montreal home for racially hazardous practices by the police.

Jacky-Eric Salvant said he found $ 4 million in damages from her & # 39; city ​​on behalf of people who said they were designated by home police officers due to their race.

The main objector is Alexandre Lamontagne, a Haitian man originally. He says he stopped with his police without any purpose in August 2017, according to his / her; case, which was copied from The Canadian Press.

The suit suggests that about 500 people have come in to claim that the police have stopped and detained between two and eight hours.

Salvant said the suit is scheduled in the coming days once the town has been delivered by court papers.

Gabriel was merged at his city hall by Gabriel Bazin, former president of the city. Black Communion, telling the storytellers that they were both presented by a recent clan.

Bazin said they were inside Salvant BMW in mid-Montreal and later the police stopped.

"When they stop it, do you know what the first question did they ask?" What do you do for a living? "" Bazin said. "Here's what we live."

Spokesperson for the Montreal police force said he would not give an idea of ​​his / her class activity because he is in front of the courts.

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December 11, 2018 / 9:31 f | Story:

It was discharged early from the jail for a driver with a drink that was behind the stolen truck whenever two two Saskatoon teenagers killed and the third was injured.

It was sentenced to Cheyann Peeteetuce, who is 25, in June 2015 to six years after expressing a guilty guilty person; including serious crime that caused death and serious crime causing physical harm.

Peeteetuce had a legal degree of blood drugs almost two times when she spent the teenage car as long as she was pregnant. away from a police officer who had tried to take her.

James Paul Haughey and Sarah Wensley, a total of 17, were killed and a 16-year-old girl was badly injured.

In May, Peeteetuce was removed from a Edmonton jail after serving two-thirds of his sentence, but his freedom was including a contract that she continues to cure.

A police officer did not contact her in August at home and was arrested a few weeks later for her breach of her terms.

The Parole Board of Canada held 30 November to find out if Peeteetuce needed to attend his / her. rest of her original sentence as well as the 30 days she got to break her.

The documents received by CKOM Radio in Saskatoon show that she told the board that she lost her disciplinary scrutiny; and she cared for someone who did not get home in a while.

She said she was frightened she would be sent back to prison, so she chose to return home.

The board praised Peeteetuce's parole for attending programs since she returned to prison, but she caused her statutory news because of her. It was "the hanging situation (for your) within your control."

Peeteetuce is about a year left for service.

David Wensley, Sarah's father, told CKOM that he does not think Peeteetuce has revived again.

"I pretend she would … it was a remote feeling, so worried about what she did … but she does not seem to be going on that side , "said Wensley.

The court heard that Peeteetuce was a " hitting a conversation at 90 km / h and did not attempt to break when he hit the victim's car.

James and Sarah were driving to use a high school way.

Peeteetuce, who was at the time of the accident, had three previous convictions for vehicle robbery.

The defense said Peeteetuce was born to a suicide mother who had forgotten her children and left her to live with her relatives. At one time, her mum tried to drown her.

Peeteetuce had a child at the age of 16 and then a son in 2013. The defense said she had learned through Facebook that her pre-rose son opted when he was in the care of his father and she had to decide to take the boy out of her life.

A truck of a 17-year-old Peeteetuce truck was convicted of three years under the Criminal Justice Criminal Justice Act for his post in the accident.

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11 December, 2018 / 8:59 f | Story:

The Canadian warrior team in the Pacific Ocean had a front row; may not be able to break out their & # 39; Humans against North Korea when playing in the East China Sea – but they did not; accepting any vessels suspicious, said the chief of the vessel.

An àite sin ghabh buill criutha air HMCS Calgary dealbhan agus chruinnich iad fiosrachadh eile, Cmdr. Thuirt Blair Saltel Dimàirt.

"Chunnaic sinn grunn ghluasadan bàta-gu-mara aig muir agus leis na comharran – stèidhichte air an fhiosrachadh a bh 'againn – bha cuid dhiubh sin co-cheangailte ri … a dh'fhaodadh briseadh a-mach air na smachd-bhannan sin," thuirt Saltel.

"Bha sinn a 'cumail suas (astar), agus tha sin a-staigh (co-rèir) leis an dòigh-obrach gu lèir airson an obrachaidh. Thug sinn dealbhan, thug sinn seachad an fhiosrachadh sin do na h-ùghdarrasan àrda agus tha sinn an dùil gum faodar sin a chleachdadh airson smachd-bhannan laghail."

Is e HMCS Calgary a 'chiad shoitheach armachd Chanada a bhios a' cleachdadh chun na sgìre an dèidh don riaghaltas feadarail aontachadh a chaidh a dhèanamh nas tràithe am-bliadhna gus cuideachadh leis an US agus luchd-taic eile a 'briseadh sìos air smugaireachd a chaidh a dhealbh gus smachd a chumail air corsaidhean an aghaidh Corea a Tuath.

Tha oifigearan tèarainteachd an iar air casaid a chuir roimhe an Ruis agus Sìna air ola a thoirt a-null gu Corea a Tuath – no co-dhiù a bhith a 'tionndadh sùil dhall mar a bhios na companaidhean aca – rud a bhiodh a' sabaid smachd-bhannan. Tha an dà dhùthaich air a 'chùis a dhiùltadh.

Ged nach do chuir am brogaireachd Chanada stad air soithichean sam bith, thuirt Saltel nach robh ach long-chogaidh an Iar a 'dol gu leòr ann an cuid de chùisean gus am biodh na soithichean eile a' tionndadh earball agus a 'ruith.

"Thug sinn fa-near ann an cuid de shuidheachaidhean gum biodh na h-aiseagan a 'dol suas gu math luath agus gum feumadh iad teicheadh. Mar sin chuir sinn stad air cuid de na h-aiseagan. Ach cha robh dùil againn rudeigin a dhèanamh cho làidir ri bhith a' dol air bòrd no a 'bacadh soitheach."

Tha an Calgary agus an t-soitheach taic eadar-amail aig a 'chabhlach, MV Asterix, a' togail suas cleachdadh sia mìosan anns a 'Chuan Shèimh às Àisia, agus ghabh iad pàirt ann an grunn eacarsaichean armailteach ioma-nàiseanta agus thadhail iad air grunn dhùthchannan.

B 'e aon de na prìomh amasan a bhith a' sealltainn làthaireachd cabhlaich Canada ann am pàirt den t-saoghal a tha a 'sìor fhàs cudromach airson soirbheachas Chanada agus tèarainteachd eadar-nàiseanta.

Thuirt Saltel gu bheil an cleachdadh air a bhith a 'gabhail a-steach a bhith air a chuairteachadh le soithichean cabhlach Sìneach ann am Breatainn an Ear agus an Ear ann an Sìona, a tha air a dhol gu riaghailteach airson bàtaichean armailteach an Iar a tha ag obair san sgìre am measg tubaistean a tha a' fàs thairis air tagraidhean sgìreil a tha a 'farpais.

Tha an t-U.S., an Rìoghachd Aonaichte agus càirdean eile air puing seòladh a dhèanamh faisg air eileanan a tha fo chasaid agus tro uisgeachan connspaideach a tha Sìona a 'tagradh, a' toirt air adhart grunn ghlaidhean dùinte agus mionaidean fiadhaich leis an dàrna ceann a 'gluasad na fèithean aca.

Tha an suidheachadh ann an ceann a deas na mara, gu h-àraid, air a bhith air a choimeas ri pùdar pùdar, oir tha soithichean cabhlaich Sìonach agus na SA air a bhith a 'sabaid bho chionn ghoirid oir tha an Nèibhidh U.S. air gnìomhachdan "saorsa seòladh" a dhèanamh.

Thuirt Saltel nach robh e air iarraidh air rud sam bith a dhèanamh mar sin, agus fhad 'sa bha HMCS Calgary a' seòladh faisg air na h-Eileanan Spratly a bha an aghaidh a chèile, bha an cùrsa aige airson sàbhaladh connaidh agus gun teachdaireachd a chuir gu Sìona.

Thuirt oifigear Chanada gu robh na "suaicheantas" Sìneach aige ag obair gu proifeasanta agus "cha robh e idir a 'tighinn a-steach air astar a bheireadh mi a-steach mì-shàbhailte."

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11 Dùbhlachd, 2018 / 3:32f | Sgeulachd:

Chaidh àrd-oifigear a thoirt dha Huawei, mòr-eòlaiche teicneòlas Sìneach a chaidh a chur an grèim ann am Vancouver, urras a thoirt dha.

Tha Meng Wanzhou ag iarraidh nan Stàitean Aonaichte air casaidean gun do chuir a 'chompanaidh smachd-bhannan malairt an aghaidh Iran.

Ceartais Uilleam Ehrcke aig Àrd Chùirt British Columbia ag ràdh gu bheil e riaraichte gu bheil Meng, bean-gnìomhachais air a bheil oideachadh le litrichean iomraidh, na chunnart a thaobh itealaich.

Chaidh Meng a chur an grèim air barantas a tha ag ràdh gun do rinn i foill a chionn 's gun do chleachd Huawei co-chompanaidh neo-oifigeil Skycom gus gnothachas a dhèanamh le companaidhean tele-chonaltraidh ann an Iran eadar 2009 agus 2014 a' briseadh smachd-bhannan eadar-nàiseanta.

Tha an t-àrd-oifigear ionmhasail aig Huawei, a tha 46 bliadhna a dh'aois, air na casaidean a dhiùltadh tron ​​neach-lagha aice sa chùirt, a 'gealltainn sabaid annta ma thèid a toirt a-mach gus cùmhnantan a ghabhail anns na Stàitean Aonaichte.

Fhuair neach-lagha Meng, Daibhidh Màrtainn, grunn charaidean agus chom-pàirtichean tagradh airson caractar a 'chliant aige agus gus gealltanasan ionmhais a thabhann nach teicheadh ​​i.

Bha feum air barrachd urrasan an dèidh dha Ehrcke ceist a dhèanamh an urrainn dha a fear, Liu Xiaozong, a shoidhnigeadh le barantas.

Chuala a 'chùirt gu bheil Liu a' fuireach ann am Bhancùbhar air fèille luchd-tadhail sia mìosan agus thuirt Ehrcke gun deidheadh ​​an fhoirm gus barantas ionmhasail a thoirt seachad a thoirt seachad le neach-còmhnaidh de B.C.

Tuilleadh Naidheachdan Canada

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