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Wednesday, November 21, 18:00 p.m. 14:00 PM (GMT + 7)

Anh says he wants to do "the 13th" when he opposes his & her; Kieu Minh Tuan's friendship – Cat Phuong

There is no relationship between Kieu Minh Tuan – Cat Phuong – Nguyen is not yet finished when the sister's vlogger woman is standing behind the wire. At the same time, she also declared himself and the actor I'm not 18 Creatively when you work together.

After the defeat of An Nguyen, public opinion sent a cat on the Phuong "attack" nose. The actor also shot the machine while Kieu Minh Tuan's Facebook was "suddenly missing". However, the community has criticized An Nguyen for identifying themselves publicly as "the 13th".

Brother Brother Questions The Nguyen wanted to make thirteen legitimacy? - 1

The Nguyen was criticized as a "stone", especially when the Phuong Cat was.

The old model and actress, Anh Thu, also had a & # 39; giving his thoughts on the personal page. A beautifully-born beauty in 1981: "Find out if there is a woman, whether official or not, people are listed, do people sign up to do it? Sure to say that I am the 13 children legitimate? "

He certainly said they have registered for a marriage or not, but they're lamenting Cat – Kieu open to the world. "And if you are a good idea, you should know what is right and wrong and do not hinder their feelings"She wrote.

Beautiful film Tropical snow Continue to make the point: "If the person is very jealous for you, you should tell him that he is his lover and that they are not yet ready. So what do you do? Well, if you agree , I'll share your sister, or if you do not agree, you will not lose the old one.

Are you divorced? If you're not happy, you should break up before I send you or someone else. By doing so, it would be worth it and he would go to it. respecting the women before and after that. In addition to his own respect.

After filming many years, Anh Thu said that if the work that expresses feelings, after work, it should also consider more harm to avoid effects.

Brother Brother Questions The Nguyen wanted to make thirteen legitimacy? - 2

Anh Thu angry about "the 13th".

"If you love too much and want to have a wrong when I love the other, I'm worried about the same thing and ask me back, the second one to attack the love of my life.

Why did you drowned to let the person say "unintelligible". Then I come back for naming and saying that a & # 39; true love ", female actress It is brilliant do not forget the crisis.

Finally, you agree with her / her thoughts that were at risk as a child or person who suffered this event. She said "strength, strength"Le"If you catch up the problem (if that is there), you'll try to evaluate what you gave"

Before he spent his thoughts, he knew Anh Thu that she would go to her; criticizing. However, her own beauty does not accept that "thirteen" should be unhappy.

Anh Thư's beautiful wedding and Thanh Long also broke. In 2016, she admitted a division after much consideration. Women are praising divorced, but she gave five years to solve.

Although roots are circulated around Business Business, Anh is not a & # 39; mentions the cause. She did not want to have a couple; dump on newspaper and # 39; avoiding her son.

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After more than two months of tranquility, An Nguyen suddenly disrupted the emotional film.

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