Broummana has been ruined and "to achieve justice" … "from the most brutally disclosed picture of the dead"


It was not a normal day; in the day. The area was renowned for its beautiful and natural beauty, a massacre killed by a British journalist on Radio Gavin.

Al-Khobar was disturbing the media fans who were famous for his & her; feeling of life, and the morning program, which its fans would deliver with advanced energy. He turned his page all night by going to her; celebrating her birthdays in a lamenting and lamenting place. disturbed his position.

The Broummana town is still under a passion, the people who lived in their area, and the united response of the people and neighbors, did not believe what we know Shi. " When asked about a voice or emergency call, the answer was also dressed: "We knew from the crime media."

The entrance to the Gavin building is closed, residents refuse to disclose any information. He told his neighbor that the security forces came to the place and built a fingerprint and gave certificates from the residents and opened an investigation of the event, leaving some of the residents the area after hearing the news, according to some neighbors confirmed.

Initial information showed that the deceased was found by clothing around his neck, and the effects of his / her; striking with a sharp face-to-face machine, not to detect drugs, and that there is a reason to do it; death as a result of being disturbed.

Many fans commented on the news about his death. A "Gavin Ford in the morning" competition was contested for 20 years. "Promising receptions and good music, to achieve justice."

MP Samer Saadeh commented on the photograph given to the deceased: "Maybe God's mercy on the image of the journalist Gavin Ford may die, showing the moral growth of the rubbish, and a clear picture of the lack of professionalism in maintaining crime and respecting the sacraments of death and humanity. We hope to capture the convicts. "

The media refer to Joe Maalouf as he said: "Unfortunately, we live in barbarians, who do not respect your human rights or deaths and their deprivation, to use backbacks and to categorize people according to their sexual orientation! " Crime is an offense and a; to abolish people. Ruled by ignorance. "

The current program, Pierre Ribat, said: "It's a sad morning in tomorrow"

And his colleague Fatima Abdullah

The profile of her body and spread through social networking sites was a bad anger among the spectators. Actor Tarek Sweid said: "The photographer does not reveal the brutal picture of the murderer.

Ford has been interested in radio since his youth, spending time in his bedroom, offers radio for sports programs. He received his first chance in Italy where he worked at a tourist station, after graduating from the National Broadcasting School in London in 1984.

After Italy, he moved to Radio Caroline, one of the biggest radio stations you enjoyed in Britain, where he spent a morning program. When the storms were growing, Ford moved to Normandy in France and went to the "Contact 94" team, then to Galaxy Radio in Bristol and Napa FM in Cipros, where he heard about the Lebanese radio station and fell in love. The program "Gavin Ford in the Morning", one of the programs broadcasting in Lebanon from its launch, was famous for its opinion on topics and debate, as well on his love and awareness and awareness of animals and rights, to become one of his family's hobbies in entertainment and live broadcasting West-

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