Brutins forwarded, David Backes, spun with bruins in Bruins win against Arizona


Drivers must be ahead of David Backes walking under a hedge on his way into the field, or maybe he has a cat of black cats that he loves; cross the routes and its way to their game.

Over all three quarters, it seems that everything is happening to him. He got a bout of diverticulitis, a couple's complaint and got his legs cut off from the spectrum blade of the season. When Bruins defeated Arizona on Tuesday at TD Garden Tuesday, Backes was defeated again, this trip in a slower place. Oliver Ekman-Larsson's fierce squirrel catching it Back over the left of its nose in the first time.

The obstacles were directly screened to the room. He returned for the start of the second time

There was no support available to talk to the media after their game, but walked through the white gel console room surrounded by the ugly cut over his nose.

His companions and his coach spoke to him.

"Yes, it's always frightening when you see a team that gets screwed in front or anywhere, but you know it looks something wrong. ; better now and returned back, it's fine, "said he, Brad Marchand. "And see it good out there."

Bruce Cassidy coach said: "No, I did not know what happened first, but as it came out you realized that it was worse than a tall stick. Sure enough. These are hard, up about your eyes too, but was able to play through. I'm sure it will be tomorrow tomorrow. "

Try the next game to find out what's happening again.

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