BSP wants corruption checks on five GERBs


Picture: Bivolli

The BSP announced Tuesday's challenge that he will describe his & her; Commission for the Prevention of Corruption and Proof of Non-Legal Holdings (CPONPI) regarding coronary media publications and conflict of interest regarding the Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov, MP from GERB Desislava Atanasova, Delyan Dobrev and Krassimir Velchev and the old leasor Anton Todorov.

GERB said they were brushed news.

In front of the journalists, the NGP secretary on the left, Philip Popov, Art. 47 para. 2 of law for coronery attendance and for the removal of illegal possession, depending on the media publications considered to be an indication. He said they were asking KPONPI to be & # 39; confirm if there were fake or not. "We ask this application to verify that the Commission will examine these features in relation to those rooms – what is the reason for building, rented there, "said Popov.

Not only for Finance Minister Goranov, the other features from publications on unfamiliar sites that say they do not confirm the information they are doing; published.

Desislava Atanasova from GERB said she would expect her to look great at the CPKONPI inspection. "You know not only me, but all colleagues who are members of the Parliament, who show our ownership every year." Since 2009, I have been a Member of Parliament, before becoming a town councilor, that is, my public building is publicly illuminated. but I see the BSP obviously a director of fake news after we have commented on this issue at present, "said Desislava Atanasova.

In her words, her first post was on a site of breaking news and fantasies he wrote "Do not believe what you're reading." This site, as well as appointing me and a number of other colleagues for owners, tenants and everyone else on rooms, offices, etc, has also said that we are connected to the Security of State, Atanasova said. At the same time, she stated that she was 11 when the DS finished her activity and criticized whether the service had recruited babies and young children. Atanasova, born in 1978, showed a document from the election committee that the people born after 16 July 1973 did not attempt to check for the State Security Service and British Army information services.

"If one of my colleagues from the BSP shows a list, image, any material I've ever walked in the" King's Village "field, I'm ready to retire but I expect them the same thing – Popov, Ms. Ninova and everyone who inserts this mark, "said Atanasova.

At the same time, on Tuesday, Bivolli's site indicates that the wife of the finance minister Vladislav Goranov, Ivan Sariev – Snezana, has a private minister in the famous Villa Villa Villa Yarema.

According to the search site, Goranov himself was found by his neighbors who often visited the house, even a year ago, when the building was on. The "house" in question has been the subject of journalist interest for years, but to date there is no formal evidence to link the financial minister to the building.

Snezhana Sarieva bought three tearms in the luxurious villa "Yarema" in 2003 at unfinished prices from the Samokov town – a picture of 766 square meters M. For 6901 leva, a 640 square m ruled story For 5766 modules and a third plot of 840 square M. For bed 8408. In 2012, Sariyeva built up licenses on two pieces where the construction of its flexible home began in 2014. To this day it is completely complete.

At the end of the last week, Senator Sotir Tsatsarov ordered Vladislav Goranov to mark a signal, from 2012, that the Minister has been in attendance; living in a room of 181 square meters in a quiet residential accommodation, with a free Bulgarian businessman. Domuschievi's brothers are "home and spa", the quizzing partnership "questioning.

On Friday, Goranov appeared in the parliament and said that Domuschievi's brothers did not have anything at home with him, but was given to her baby, Ivan Sariev. The room is led by the wife Sariev – Snezana, who has a Jarema shop.

Godfather of Goranov and his family today have about 10 companies. In the meantime, Sariev has also been involved in IT business. He is also a prominent volunteer supporter, and from 2011 to 2017 he was a "great master of the United Kingdom's Premier Luggage".

On 8 December, the Anti-Corrosion Commission (CPCONP) is expected to produce the results of the founders of policy makers in their ownership and disagreement of interest. Then the results of the Goranov survey are expected. So far, there is no information on whether the NRA will investigate a caretaker business Minister of Finance.

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