BT just: A man arrested in his home line


Travel night for police night to Sunday

Operational Manager of Western Police, Hans Eirik Thue says he was a busy night.

– It's been very busy last night, and there's a lot of violence, Thue says.

At 04.04 the police received a message about it at Damsgard's address. When the police arrived, a police officer was beaten. Many visitors were sent to the site and three men in the 20s were arrested and arrested.

"Two of them are suspected of violence against the police, and one is expected to be seriously injured to another in the place," said Thue.

At Downstairs Night, three were arrested for official public attack.

At 01:31, Kløverhuset fell three meters. The police and ambulance arrived to the place and the person was transferred to Haukeland hospital.

– The situation is uncertain. There are witnesses in the area saying that it has fallen, and that we are related to. But we have taken videos from the site so that we can investigate what has happened and no one has hit, Thue says.

A man in the 20s was recorded in the mischievous arrest after he had been threatened and sentenced. Sing at the emergency room around 5:08 AM on Sundays. The person also broke orders issued earlier in the night. He was very drunk and it was reported.

In addition, a number of drivers were stopped for suspicion of driving in a state of serious sadness. Both at Haljem, Voss, in Åsane and in Florø, Drivers are handed over for an expanded test doctor, Western police police reports on Twitter.

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