Buddhists from Ba Vang Pagoda are testimony to each other about "fantastic" and "sick" stories about Pham Thi Yen t


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At the Ba Vang pagoda meeting on the evening of 21 March, many Butchers were struggling to reveal wonderful stories to protect the abbey and Pham Thi Yen.

The woman who was imported themselves would provide a statement to the media for the information which was shown

At the meeting, the temple said that Lao Bao's investigation report caused considerable damage to the temple, affecting Buddhists. After the question of each host, other Buddhist volunteers answered. Most of their ideas are believed to be in the "voyage of the bond", the belief for the abbot and Pham Thi Yen. Some people even spoke to credit and Ms. Yen "gave me the second time".

Ba Vang pagoda Buddhists confirms that they tell a story # 34 ;, # 34; Pham Thi Yen - 1

Buddhist answered the papers, telling moving stories about medical abilities Vang and pagodas Yen

After that, 20 Buddhists stood to tell stories of the supernatural "Vang pagoda", Pham Thi Yen. Stories like: children, not going to treat everywhere but not healing, suffer from serious diseases, not having to work … having to work … t satisfied with the work of the temple.

Ba Vang pagoda Buddhists confirms that they tell a story # 34 ;, # 34; Pham Thi Yen - 2

A look at Buddhist meetings at V Vang Pagoda on 21 March

The host, Ms Nguyen Thi Tham (The Dong, The Duong, Hai Phong), inserted the phodium to tell the story of getting mental illness from an “unfair problem” in the world. temple.

In the time I went, I didn't believe I could work right at this temple, but when I was feeling myself sorry, t the monks passed the disease away, "she said. there is "miraculous". She also confirmed that there is no charge for treatment with "a call for death".

Another woman said: The pain is in his family's mind that her son has been married for a long time without children. But when the petitioner left the laird by Ba Vang pagoda, her son had children. She is very grateful to the monks who helped me get rid of my job in my earlier life and his grandchildren. When she was asked about how much money was put into the temple, the Buddhist woman said it was "not worth it, if it cured it, it would be much more expensive."

Nguyen Thi Quynh Phuong, 44-year-old (Hanoi) is divided: Someone asked me if the petitioner left the superstition? My personal opinion: Who believes. Don't believe it.

Buddhists told Trung Tuan (Thanh Hoa) the story of "treating cancer after the rites of prayers".

Earlier, in exchange with a traffic newspaper on the 21st of March, the Vice-President and General Secretary of the Vietnam Church of Vietnam Church – Venerable Thc Duien said that Vietnam Buddhist Church had been written. To address the Buddhist Church Management Board in the Quang Ninh area, we plan to hold a meeting with Ba Vang Temple Abbot, the Hon Truc Thai Minh to analyze and clarify the information "calls for death and death". collecting hundreds of bills of dong. .

In particular, Vietnam Buddhist Church wants the Buddhist Church Board in Quang Ninh to correct the Ba Vang preaching in pagoda, as well as to strictly control individuals. errors in superstitious preaching.

According to the Venerable Thich Duc Thien, in the evening, Wang Bi City came to work with Ba Vang Pagoda and the Great Thich Truc Thai Minh – aba Ba Vang Pagoda. So, Aba admitted that the events that the press was showing were happening at Ba Vang pagoda.

By mentioning the Buddhist Pham Thi Yen he often has a lecture in Ba Vang Pagoda, putting him on social networks; Even so, Yen has named named people, including a heroic martial of the grave, and they told the words that they have a bad karma, and therefore they are sad, the case that feels without blame, putting on it. The truth is not true of the Buddhist teaching, not even social morality.

Ba Vang pagoda is still organizing exchange

In the late 21st March, tour operators and tourists still enjoy the harsh lifts of Ba Vang pagoda (TP.Uong Bi, Quang Ninh). English …

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