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Buenbit, a change house characterized by its tendency to innovation, incorporates the token DAI to its list. An ether-backed cryptocopy (ETH) that holds a value of 1 to 1 with the US dollar. This characteristic makes it a good opportunity to protect itself from inflation and loss of the value of Argentine weight and the price fluctuation of other criptomonedas.

Federico Ogue, CEO of Buenbit, explains the 4 key benefits that invite us to buy DAI: value protection, ease of entry into the world of the cryptomonos, solution for the traders Argentineans and a good tool to send remittances to other countries.

The fact that DAI holds a value 1 to 1 in front of the dollar useful as a safeguard against inflation and the devaluation of the coins. In addition, you can buy 24 hours, 7 days a week (unlike buying dollars in the bank) and without spread (difference between purchase and sale price).

It is also ideal for entering the world of the cryptomones, since it is interchangeable by other criptoactives, such as bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), litecoin (LTC). When buying DAI, you can exchange it for another currency, without having to wait for the accreditation of a transfer or payment and without risk of the typical volatility of a cryptomonite.

For those traders Argentines is a great solution, as one of the main reasons why local platforms do not use is that, when closing a position on any assets, they do not want to leave their capital in a currency that loses value. DAI is the best option to keep the capital waiting for the best entry in one trade.

Likewise, It is a great tool to send money to other countries, since transferring DAI is just as easy as sending an email, the cost is virtually zero and there are no risks related to its value volatility.

In Buenbit, users can acquire DAI directly with Argentine pesos or with bitcoins, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Advantages with other tokens

The Buenbit CEO also explains the benefits that DAI presents against other tokens anchored to assets, among which emphasizes, in the first place, its decentralization.

The system that allows to maintain the value of DAI anchored to the US dollar is based on the intelligent contracts that issue said currency, in exchange for a collateral in the cryptomoneda ether (something as well as an effort).

The DAI algorithm is constantly controlling that these contracts do not fall below a value of 150% of the DAI issued. That is, what You must have at least $ 150 dollars in ether by supporting $ 100 in DAI. In addition, all the information about the contracts is public because it is based on the Ethereum network, a base different from that of Tether, whose backup in money has generated doubts about its real value.

The token is based on the blockchain most used for decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts (Ethereum), whose decentralized power has been the infallible engine of the world's most important projects.


The Argentineans can now buy DAI in pesos or bitcoins from Buenbit. Source: Buenbit

Likewise, it highlights the benefits of saving Dai: El Saving Mode or "Interest Mode" of DAI is one of its special features. Basically it's about A method that rewards the fork to save DAI. In this way, passive income of the same token can be generated, after activating the "Mode of Interest" in a certain amount.

DAI is the first token "anchored" to another active and decentralized in the chain of Ethereum blocks. Its launch in Buenbit is done in conjunction with the Maker company and the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that administers the System Dai Stablecoin. One of the major investors in Maker is the fund Andreessen Horowitz, known for having invested on Skype and Twitter, among other startups.

The crucial part of the system is the CDP platform, which they are Smart contracts with collateral assets with the function to guarantee the value of the pending DAI, while serving as a platform for decentralized margin trading. A process that runs with lower costs and greater security than is possible with current margin trading solutions.

The DAI and the CDP platform are combined to offer a complete solution for decentralized global finances, where all, from rural India to Wall Street, can benefit from decentralized finances.

About Buenbit

Buenbit developed a platform that breaks the scheme of broker traditional, through a compact exchange tool that allows you to buy and sell criptomonedas directly between users. In this way, a better price, greater availability and an accreditation service and immediate withdrawals are ensured.

Also It provides a personalized consultancy service in criptomonedas investments, aimed at large investors and institutions that invest more than 25,000 dollars.

The Buenbit platform is the most advanced in the Latin American market. With more than 10,000 registered users, it stores more than 2 bitcoins per day; what is placed between the markets with the largest amount of operations in Latin America.

Buenbit's business model is simple and transparent: a commission of 0.35% is charged for each transaction, one of the lowest rates in the market.

To learn more about Buenbit and its services, visit the following links:

Official page: goodbit.com

Twitter: twitter.com/buenbit

Facebook: facebook.com/Buenbit/

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