Bug in Fallout 76 makes a death of players and they want Bethesda to kill


Map Unlock (Open) Its title is to & # 39; Encouraging the greatest anger in many fans the post-apocalyptic licensing. Breaking, bumping, refusing money and even the problem to get rid of the systems on converting their camera one of the biggest disappointments of the year.

The title Map Unlock (Open) Now now he's making news for other damage. According to Reddit users, many players "suffer" from being invalid when they reach level 40. As indicated in the publication, the users try to die so they can do it; the implementation of nuclear bombs, but they do not achieve the purpose.

What is a pleasure in other games, is not a fun Fallout, because, as users continue to play, Expression, this error does not allow them to carry out their actions or to give them other enemies or characters. That is the emergency cause the players want Bethesda to "kill."

"Brogadyn", one of the effects, saying he did not know Bethesda to solve, but we did not reply to the request. However, by giving up issues on the internet, there is a & # 39; The company has confirmed that it is trying to solve the problem. Am he dead the players all over?

You can play Map Unlock (Open) currently on the platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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