Bulgaria For young people it is more important to look good than to be independent, research shows


For young people it is more important to look good than to be independent, research shows

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For younger generations, social equality is achieved by fairness. It eventually has personality, which is normal in the transition, in the background. This includes Bulgarian youth research carried out by Gallup International on the organization of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

“If we ask ourselves when new social media can keep the tradition out, it's already happened to the young people, the internet has affected television, t for it can be shared there, and most generations share more, "said the Executive Director of Gallup at an international conference" Parvan Simeonov. " t this is largely because young people live in society that is becoming more plentiful.

Changes in the value of ideas are generally positive. For young people, personal independence remains a priority (80%), but the most important value in contemporary Bulgarian society is "looking good" (85%). There is a role (75%) and accountability (72%) coming in third and fourth places.

Peter-Emil Mitev (right)

© Gallup International

Peter-Emil Mitev (right)

Most respondents don't accept that they would refuse bribery or bad religion. It is worth pointing out that the tax scene is unclear, and they may be paid "if possible". In other words, it is not the fear of criminal punishment but of civil consciousness. It is in this context that the responses are showing a very high level of civil loyalty.

A high proportion of respondents display a negative view of homosexuality. For Bulgarian tradition, LGBT practices are unusual and inappropriate. Homosexual (45%) is more than using a service or work connection (33%).

Parvan Simeonov (right)

Parvan Simeonov (right)

There is more optimism about the future of the country. But young people are not ready to enter politics. The idea for political activity and participation in civil enterprises is too exhaustive.

“Enabling politics has grown, this also applies to taking part in elections and a political role, with only 3-4% of young people expressing such an interest,” she said. says Petar-Emil Mitev, search engineer, explains that there is a danger that the status of political politics will lead to ill-health as jobs of this kind are based on the best and most organized young people.

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