3 Steps to solve problems by Ilean Mussk

As early as 46 years of age, Ilean Muss has established 3 constitutional multinational companies in 3 main areas of operation – Paypal, Tesla and Space X.

Sam says he works for 100 times a week for 15 years, and then reduces it to 85. Near the clear vision they often say they miss a meal or have eat, doing something else like that – always responding to emails.

Of course, ethics have an important role in turning professionally into what you do. People such as Muss, who are so strict, often come in a creative way, and are able to solve great problems, writing Business Industry.

In a way, the Tesla Executive is planning a three-way solution to find out more.

1. Identify the problem

When you are in a difficult situation, write down the thoughts you think about the answer.

2. Divide the problem with its main components

Start asking questions that are related to the problem. T

"For example, if they tell me that the battery packs are really expensive and won't change it, I'll ask myself the following questions: t

What materials are batteries written? What is the cost of these materials? I conclude that there are cobalt, nickel, alman, carbon and other materials. And I ask again, if we buy these facilities from the London Stock Market, what will each of them cost. "

So, according to Muk, instead of following the belief that batteries are expensive, one asks questions to see if they are really expensive, and if so, why.

3. Create a solution first

Once you have defined the problem and removed it, you will need to find a solution. This grammatical vision is exemplified by:

If you have to lose weight and have to train 5 days a week for an hour, can you lose weight if you use less? The answer is, if you're doing a 15-minute but tougher exercise.

According to the song, the same techniques can be used for any problem. If it shares the little elements that make up it, analysis is easier and a solution can be found.

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