After 10 years: the state brother claims for the death of his sister

A brother died in a 11-year carriage accident. The lawman lost a case in Bulgaria. Vasil Apostolov asked the state to pay money for his sister's death. The man's battle for ten years has become a prospect – this is the first case in which a close relative of the deceased person is in an accident; compensation. The Vassil money has been inserted to build a well in the Beauly Bachkovo garden – in memory of her late sister.

11 years ago Vasil Apostolov lost his sister in an accident. A 19 year Slave and four other young people are killed on the Plovdiv-Asenovgrad road. At that time, Vasil only raised her sister, because their parents lived abroad.

"After my parents had been compensated, I had a conversation with the lawyer who explained to me that I was not entitled to pay money, as a brother, because his court I commented on the 1962 decision if I was wrong. " I felt disappointed, "he said before the BNT.

After a long battle in January this year, the High Court decided to dispel the person's death for his sister's death. So, the old definition decision was devolved, and he did not allow the brothers, sisters, grandparents to be compensated.

With a compensation of 12,000 BGN, Vasil will cover the cost of building a well that he built to commemorate his sister. The stone facility is located in the Beauly Bachkovo garden, where Vasil worked as secretary for years. The Archimandrite Abbot gave Samuel a blessing to her building.

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