After 8 hours hiding, the yellow anaconda surrendered (photograph)

Finding the yellow anaconda, who got away from a terrarium in a pet shop at a retail center in Plovdiv today, today. The laird removed the center. This was named by the police in Plovdiv for

"The snake is brought out by his owner. It's just after 20 hours and tomorrow the center is usually able to open," said the police.

As we know, the demand for the reptile continues for almost eight hours, including fire firefighters, firefighters and RIEW experts.

Picture: Facebook

The snake's signal was recorded today at 11.20 m, and the boa's story has been on a # 39; disturbing many leaders and customers.

Earlier today, RIEW-Plovdiv said that the snake has escaped the type of yellow anakonda, a family of paint.

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