Along with Diasmack, with a forgotten concert in Sofia – Strange

There was another successful concert in Bulgaria in Bulgarian Live Music, reinforcing their successful work on key events. The company stands behind the Kavarna Rock festival between 2012-2015 and Rock Rock in the wine valley. She has also organized the European concerts, Glac, Helloween and others. Outside the song, the company was involved in the overall Rhythmic Youth Championship final year of the year, and this year with the World Cup in the same sport.

"In recent years, we've built a strong team of experts in each field. We've been working step-by-step as I don't think it's right but right." at this time our team is very well co-ordinated and I can say boldly that there is no event that we are unable to deal with, whatever its level and complexity, "said Alexi Kalev,. BLM manager.

Godsmack played their first concert in Sofia last night in the high-profile Armeec Arena. The band played for nearly two hours and showed why it's so loyal and waiting in Bulgaria. "You're really good. It's our coldest show on the whole trip. Surely we'll come back," said singer Suli Erna.

The live music of Bulgaria produces new music events to be published shortly.

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