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Apple products will be accepted in the future of all :: Investor.bg

Tim Cook: Apple products will come to everything

Picture: Reuters

Apple Chief Executive Inc. Tim Cook said he was "never happier" about where his company is today and where it goes. In a conversation with investors, Cook said that the manufacturer made "seeds" and "away the dice" in future products that would just "take away -that thing. "

Speaking at an annual meeting; a company in Cupertino, CA, Cook confirmed that the iPhone maker still drives to spend its income from 2020 services by around $ 25 billion in 2016. A & # 39; Commenting on his notes on his iPad, Cook played a number of departmental product results, Bloomberg reports.

He said that the ultimate goal of the MacBook Air laptop cost of about $ 1200 was down for the higher room screen and said "long, large and large road design" related with Apple Watch and Post-AirPods It indicated that more health-related features would go into the smart clock.

Apple shares increase with more than 1% Friday in New York. Let books have their value before Cook begins to speak.

Reservoirs still expect Apple to giving "the next thing", as demand for the iPhone's best product is to go down, Continue to its first electric sale for its & # 39; company for its fourth quarter since 2001.

Cook often mentions added and expanded fact as a technology that can " change game, and Apple itself works on real glucose. At the same time, its company is aiming at a service business that has a " Increasingly and increasing sales of other devices such as Watch and AirPods. Cook noted that Apple bought 18 companies in 2018 and is constantly looking for a new build.

The Chief Executive also addressed issues relating to privacy, diversity and politics. The hit hit on Facebook Inc. and Google Cook is critical to companies that will build a data profile for the users, and they confirm that Apple is pushed to control against its & # 39; use. One participant notes at the same time, although the political ideas of Apple control are different from the Trump administration, its company still remains; Management has been working successfully with the US government.

Apple praised refusal shareholders refused to explain the nomination ideology of their Board of Directors. Those who support the proposal have expressed their desire to board Apple to have a more diverse political set.

Proportioners refused to give a broader opportunity to appoint Board members. The whole Board, which includes Cook, former Vice President of the USA Al Gore and Chief Executive of Walt Disney Co Bob Eiger, has been re-elected.

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