Architects at Blagoevgrad agreed projects for buildings in which he lives

The Lord Mayor, Dr Atanas Kambitov, gave the accused a shot and was burnt

Bow. Vasil Tinchev, the Blagoevgrad's chief architect, agreed projects for residential accommodation he was expected to build. This was made possible by an indication that the city's mayor Dr Atanas Kambitov has been working with the police and in the prosecution's office. The report contains over 1000 pages of documents.

Bow. Tinchev, who is appointed in 2012, is retired on 6 February after a detailed examination of his work by the burgh.

"I am without confidence,

whenever I find that out

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And the discipline committee I took up has had a lot of work in the work of the Architects, "said the factor.

The saga began by building a number of fellowships being given after it was given a date by 11 December 2018 by Raiko Zashev for construction that breaks the rules and normal construction.

The Blagoevgrad says in association with the arch. Requesting Tinchev's building consent dated 12 October 2018 to see the document as it is a neighbor that is built but refused.

In exercising the control measures at the time of this mark, it was found that a break was made when a investment project was being approved to build a residential building with 15 flats in the center of the center. Necessary parking spaces are required, as required by the Spatial Development Act. The requirement for height of cow windows and balconies is not met. A further contraction of an approved project is that towers over the top with a width of 100 square meters are 25.

In the approved project there are shops on the ground floor, and an arch. Tinchev explained that this would be offices and because of this he failed to understand the usual requirements.

The agreed investment initiative has over 120 squares valued at 1050 square meters in the permissible value of the straightforward built environment, without consideration of the tower area above the average.

With regard to the agreed investment project, there is also a board with a wide range of individual items and the parapet and promotion of the buildings were not clearly defined, therefore the required premises for buildings from adjacent buildings are not allowed. .

The explanations given to the Disciplinary Council, Arch. Tinchev said he refers to his "constitution" and "neglect".

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I accept that this is to realize the benefit of property. By increasing the built up area by around 120 sq.m., without towers, the additional BGN undertaker will receive 180,000 at the average market value of BGN 1500 per km. m, "said Kambitov.

The check has highlighted other interesting information about the building. On 7 November 2018, the building (superpower) power of the Aruba Group Ltd investor, represented by urban councilor Green Party Andon Todorov, was created for 8 rooms. with an architect. Vasil Tinchev – for 1 place of residence.

Raiko Zashev is licensed by the police and the case is awaited by court.

"I am sure that at the time, we have been establishing the right to choose from. Tinchev has undertaken service activities that are in the forefront of immediate benefit – inhabiting a place," said Mr Tinchev. the mayor and added to that the town councilor Todorov and the bow. Tinchev refuses to be close together.

The internal audit, appointed by the burgh, recognizes another break in the main architect. On 26 July 2018 a group of citizens and legal units applied to accept changes to building consent with the date of 12 April 2016 which Arch delivered. Tinchev.

It is aware that it is one of the applicants who have changed in previous agreed projects. Copy of attestation signed by Arch. Vassil Tinchev, who later gave permission, would give permission, as an administrative body, to the requested amendments.

Bow. Vasil Tinchev is one of the applicants' applicants


under construction



from 2016 and will own the 1 flat and roof of 85.33 square meters.

Another issue relates to the erection of a residential building with offices and garages where consent was granted for the granting of a BG Eurostroy and ABM EOOD application on 13 July 2015, which was owned by Ventseslav. Todorov, the late brother of the town. consultant Andon Todorov.

Approved by bow. The Vasil Tinchev project does not yet provide parking areas for each site. It is in the recently-built building of buildings. Tinchev is given ownership of a separate site, which is set by referencing the ownership register of the Registration Group.

A similar issue relates to the construction of residential accommodation with shops and offices where it was released in 2015 on request from BG Eurostroy and ABM EOOD, represented by manager Ventsislav Todorov and by "Mawdi" EOOD, on produced by the manager. – councilor Andon Todorov. And for this building, the approved design does not provide parking areas.

These investment projects have been subject to a consistent assessment by the inclusion of a complex report from a registered consultancy company. In other words, it is avoided that the assessment can be undertaken by an expert advice council and that Vasil Tinchev approves the joined up projects, which he himself is the side contracting authority. within the meaning of the law.

"In recognition of the prosecution's office, I am ensuring that action is taken to ensure that the conduct of the Architects and the people associated with it is not in accordance with the content of the criminal code and so to determine whether the reasonable sanction that the service of the Architects is linked directly to the acquisition of a right to build, "Major Kambitov added. t

The old architect did not believe that he was a friend of the councilor and entrepreneur Andon Todorov.

"I bought a flat I live more than ten years ago," said an arch. Tinchev, who appealed for his resignation.

It does not deny that he has made mistakes in his work, and that he is fined by the DNSK.

He paid

several fines

of 1000 leva.

For other penalties he still has activities.

“The chief architect is the orchestra. In other urban areas there are also a number of employees. I was responsible for everything, even if nobody had looked at it.

I don't know what signal the accused is asking. I didn ‟t go to give an explanation for an inspector, but I can't remember whether it was for these buildings or another," the bow went. Tinchev. "

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