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: Armeec Arena sinks in voodoo de Godsmack magic (PHOTOS) :: t

"I have made a decision for myself and the group that I wouldn't play in this country every time we make concerts," Sully Ernia, an Italian magical American, tried out for the first concert. T Godsmack music in Sofia closed. The fans, however, had taken on an infinite amount of infinite musical energy which they had not intended to let the band go – they had been waiting to come to the castle 'stop and stop the last autumn date. "I have been waiting for this exhibition for a whole year," I observed Ernra's eager followers.

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The twelve-year-old Arena Armeec had grasped this opportunity with the star players, who are one of the few proofs that comes across.

after Metallica and Slayer generation

the heavy genre contains heirs

There was more than an hour of interpretation between this inevitable energy between the sight and the hall from which the true sparks started to explain this long in love, and the musicians continued to carry on with this. Instruments the audience felt trembling in one with each striped string and each striking chin. As a shaman voodoo, Sully controlled the crowd with little change by hand or reason, and waves of human bodies began to move in the chamber. The four participants are very happy on the stage – Sully Ernka behind the microphone and guitar, Shannon Larkin on the drums, Tony Rombola with guitar and Robbie Meril – a great reputation.

The band were taking their first Sofia tour on their world tour, which is very successful and includes their new album, Le Legends Rise. They found the title title to find the exhibition, which, without leaving time to prepare, hit the full comma in the dense hall. And

that didn't slow down for a minute

("Inspired by music from Lisa Gerrard's Dead Can Dance, which was originally recognized for her career, she has been a strong contributor to the Bulgarian folklore and even last year album recordings). T whole with the "Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices") just as part of the 100% audience contributions, and if you think that this wonderful band of music will be full of energy, you would have behaved like an incredible result. Sully, Ernra, did not stop running through the three microphones he set up on the stage, climbing the pillars he was so crazy, it looked like a stopped motorcycle and didn't have a no stop there.

Indeed, the wild American Americans began his career as a drummer

rock bottom at the base of the platform for about 30 years

The four year old children turn from the base of his home, where his father shows every time for the first time. There is a very young person choosing the musician's style, but it takes time to find out the correct formula and to give the band a success. With a Godsmack coin, it's all been for weeks, and for the first time, he left the chips and took the microphone. He demonstrates that his charisma is very strong and his place is there – in the heart of the screen. However, he does have drums for life. Perhaps that's why the chemistry by Shannon Larkin is not only on stage, but also in his life now strong and inevitable. And at concerts, on selected dates, they are standing up against each other in a "drum battle". The Sofia public had a great opportunity to get this feeling alive. The platform on which Larkin's set was set up was replaced with a second platform on which Ernka sat. They had both been competing and playing in sync, combining their mastery with their passion for instrumentation on some of the greatest edges.

They flew in the air like the two platforms going

and Sully and Shannon played back and forth, sitting seated with senseless rhythm, striking the audience.

One other piece came and the official end. But it was clear to all that Diasmack was not to be left. That's why the opponent took advantage and set about setting up to bring the bond back under light. The agreement was "You'll only make two words" A Away, "and if you do well I'll do that

tomorrow, when we go to Bucharest, I am the first person to go on stage and tell the Romans that they are females against you

Naturally the hall was full with a full throat, and a wife from the team left for the final of the concert. With very few problems, the fans tried just just two, as it was accepted, not three, for the best audience, but four bits for the biz.

The scene was unusual. Sully was behind the keyboard to make the "different" piece of the new album under Under Your Scars, and it gave the name and base of the band, working in a week's time to fight the lives of people who suffer from depression and dependency. "I lost loads of friends there. Excellent musicians such as Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell," Sully describes in detail how his new campaign is underway. Then, he changed the subject and the vitality, and never expected the band to make its way out of scratch with the result that it's not unusual to do so often. Beatles Come Come together. As the spectacular wave that struck the wall, the first bones of the unsuspecting audience began to sound, and she was unexpectedly fired, and Ernna provided plenty of laughter and amusement. enjoying the 'subordinate' suburb of 12,000 people. This point marked the long-awaited Stand Alone and promised Diasmack to return to Sofia, where Ernra is in love.

Hours after a personal Facebook profile concert, Sulli wrote: "It was epic, Sofia, Bulgaria!

My heart is forever in my hands

Thank you for being amazing. I also thank Ciela Publishing House for publishing my autobiography "The Roads We Choose" in Bulgaria. I'll not forget tonight. Next time

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