Atalanta with a sad sunset in Cagliari, Despodov does not do her; first time – World Football – Italy

The national failure of Bulgaria Kiril Despodov was officially appointed for the new Cagliari team, although he was in Atalanta's housing team.

Bergamo's guests received at least 1: 0 and so the fifth part was Serie A Roma and they continued to fight for her; roof 4. Only

The same goal in the & # 39; game Hans Hatebourg at the beginning of the second half.

The guests played a & # 39; A game with a little less after the new add-on, Cyril Tereu, appeared as a shift, was damaged and he had to leave the field. Cagliari coach used his right to three shifts and his team completed his game with ten.

After winning, Atalanta has a 35-point record already and is based at a point in the European League area. The new team of Kiril Despodov 15 to 15 is 21 points.

Earlier today Lèzio started just over Frosinone as a guest. The "Roman" eagles took the three points after 1: 0.

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