Bulgarian was nominated for the Oscars

Kamen Markov is the first Bulgarian who is designated as the top designer and technical manager in the advertising department at the most prestigious Vision Power Awards (VES).

The Visual Society of Visual Bills will be distributing Hollywood awards for the most spectacular achievements in the VFX range.

Among the nominees this year include films such as Avengers: War Gun End, The Incredibles 2, Lost in Space, Bohemian Rhapsody and The First Man.

Kamen Markov, who lives and works in London, has been nominated for two prestigious visual awards for Christmas advertising for Britain's John Lewis provost chain. "El Gille and the Piano" was a star on Sir Elton John, a passion that waited vigorously, and became a stand for hours after being broadcast in November last year.

Both are named in the "Visible Walks in a Commercial and Independent Commercial Photoreal Company" and "Best Visual Impact in TV Advertising".

Kamen works as a leading designer and technical manager of a team of around 40 experts, part of the MPC's main international VFX company.

"I am delighted and pleased to be nominated – especially for this award, since these are the most important technical awards in a business, and this is one of the most complex ads I've been doing has never been a job, not just the personal success of a scale project, but we are also an important contributor to our whole team ", said Kamen Markov.

In terms of technique, "Boy and Piano" is a huge challenge created by unusual creative ideas. The Kamen VFX approach is special, as it rarely happens in the creation of advertising and is usually used in feature films. Through specific software and a wide range of film and film remarks, Kamen and his team made a detailed reconstruction of detailed details of Elton John.

Markov took up his role in a range of special effects of native land, when advertising, music and cinema market in Bulgaria still has not enough development. In 2004, he introduced to Mexico where he applied for greater challenges and more opportunities where he worked for the big VFX studio – The Filter FX.

After many successful projects in Latin America, he joined the MPC team in London in 2010. Since then Kamen has been one of the leading directors of VFX and has been working on initiatives such as Visa, Vodafone, Audi, Carlsberg, Sony, Cravendale and John Lewis. Among the faces he has worked together include Usain Bolt, Kylie Minogue, Lily Allen, Eva Green and Nicole Scherzinger. In his role as Director of Visual Economy and Mainstreaming, Kamen collaborates with some of the best known film and directors of the film and advertising industry, including Sam Brown, Daniel Kleinman, Jonathan Glazer , and Seb Edwards.

Nicole Scherzinger and Kamen Markov

Photograph: PR

The Vision Society of the World (VES) is an international honors and a unique organization in its entertaining industry. representing and identifying almost all aspects of visual effects, and & # 39; including artists, lecturers, studio leaders, directors, PR / marketing experts and representatives.

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