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Businessman died Plamen Minchev suddenly

Businessman died Plamen Minchev suddenly, who created a BBB eye brand, who learned The businessman was in the Borovets tour. The accident happened while he was & # 39; skiing. Amazingly, bloody Minchev beat.

The entrepreneur came into the private business as a reminder, and subsequently he relied on the "TetraPak" giant and began to make zoo in Sofia and his / her; make new milk in Botevgrad. In years, he passed legal laws on his brand. It was a complete antipode; of the Bulgarian proverb that "has two watermelons under one hard arm". In a while, he was president of "BBB Group", Director of "Lines" Limited and Chairman of the "Vazrazhdane Business Club" He was also President of the Bulgarian Tennis Federation and underwater fishing.

He was collecting fish and corals. In the last 3-4 years, he did not appear in the media. Indeed, Minchev, after graduating from the University of Sofia in 1982, worked at the Bulgarian National Television – in the Every Sunday show. He said in a previous interview:I always wanted to love anecdotes, but at one time I decided to look at what I have in my pockets. "He says, however, journalists in social society have a very important role and reach one of the richest people in Bulgaria.

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