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Car industry Pilot projects examine electric vehicles as a electricity source

Pilot projects investigate electric vehicles as a electricity source

© Renault

The head of the electrical movement in Europe, Renault, is launching an experiment on the first two-way recovery project. They are powered by electric cars that can not only bring electricity off the grid but also provide electricity.

Tax rises are highest when electricity supplies are higher than demand, particularly in the roofs of renewable energy production. Conversely, electric power vehicles can be returned to the grid with intensive wear, and therefore serve as a means of temporary storage of energy and become principal drivers for renewable energy development.

In this way, the outturn delivers the local renewable energy supply and reduces infrastructure costs. At the same time, customers enjoy greener electricity consumption, more economically and are paid money to service power grid.

The first five-wheel electric vehicles "Reno Zoe" will be taken to Utrecht (Holland) and the Island of Porto Santo (Madeira, Portugal). Accordingly, projects will be shown in France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark.

A two-way communication will be launched in a number of projects (electrical ecosystems or mobility services) in seven countries and with a range of partners to establish the foundations for future supply. The two aims – to measure whether they are related to a large scale and the benefits that could be achieved.

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