CIB sent referee "The Eternal Derby" Levski – CSKA from the First League games

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The Vladimir Valkov charge, played by the Levski derby – CSKA (1: 0) and criticized himself from the "redheads", he did not get a game for the 24 games of the First League. Today, the Exit Commission identifies which referees who have the next duellan management.

Valkov will be played in a senior group up to 19 years and will be a major judge on Botev – Ludogorets.

As is enough, the most controversial situation in Historic Derby was the removal of Edwin Jesse. TV revival did not come to the conclusion that there is a blow to the CSKA football player, Ivan Goranov.

After the meeting, its "red" camp was sent to & # 39; chief blame for the defeat of Chief Justice Vladimir Valkov and fourth Ivaylo Stoyanov.

Stanislav Todorov was employed to play the oldest capital derby between Slavia and Levski, who is on Sunday at Stadium Vasil Levski. Petar Kostadinov is the CSKA – September, most critical, and long-lasting Valentin Zhelezov. plays the meeting of Ludogorets le Botev (Vratsa).

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