Companies IKEA expects to cut 5% of staff, mostly from the administration

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22 September 2018

IKEA Group is trying to cut 7500 employees over the next two years, especially in administrative and administrative centers; company. At the same time, the company expects to focus on & # 39; digitizing its services and delivering its wares in large cities, the Financial Times and Reuters said. The Swedish company aims to create 11,500 new jobs for the same period.

IKEA will continue to evaluate and transform the services that you have; already. Company superintendent Jesper Brodin, over the years said they have done several investments; caused duplication of activities. Therefore, a furniture chain and household goods in Sweden will be divided by around 5% of its staff, with most people in administrative appointments. The Chief Executive stressed that the roles would be without the focus on the sources and sources of the chain.

The Swedish group has 367 stores around the world, including Bulgaria, and its business is growing. According to Brodin, the current format is due to changing changes and aspirations of users quickly. The company aims to facilitate digital delivery and the delivery of online services. At the same time, IKEA plans to build sources in central locations in 30 major cities around the world. The CEO promised that the transformation of this company was to be # 39; Creating 11,500 jobs in the same period as the posts appointed. IKEA Group also promotes full support for staff "in this difficult time".

Indeed, IKEA will gradually move away from the business model; of large houses, located outside towns. Largest digital focus and focus on online shopping shows the impact of a platform like Amazon on the entire business sector.

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