CSKA for Ivan Bandalovski is back

The CSKA team in the market moves after it was surprised that many of them were outlawed by Stanislav Manolev's mutual agreement. The highest defender of the "red" is famous.

The Co-workers from Theme Sport claim that the national Ivan Bandalovski is there. His army is 3 years old at the Army, and then reached the captain's bar.

The Burning

The "love" was shot between Ivan Bandalovski and Levski

Can the Gang return to its native club?

It will be a hit for the steady enemy of Levski, who also wanted to strengthen his team with the unexpected young people. The new Grand Prix coach, Luboslav Penev, can also make a great contribution to the advent of Bandalawski in CSKA.

At the moment, the "red" has three options for the position of his left handlev – Boris Sekulic, Stoycho Atanasov and Steven Pereira. Bandalovski's bands should be at the latest time before the autumn.

Stanislav Manolev does not have more CSKA football!

Stanislav Manolev does not have more CSKA football!

Both sides were divided into mutual agreement

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