Culture Martina Apostolova was voted the best performer at the Hong Kong film festival

Photo of actor Martina Apostolova gave his best actor at the Hong Kong Film Festival at 43rd Hong Kong for his film career

© Sofia Film Fest

The photograph is taken from the actor Martina Apostolova to act as a favorite at 43rd Hong Kong Photography Festival for his film "Irina" by Nadezhda Koseva

Actor Martina Apostolova won the best actor award at the 43rd International Film Festival in Hong Kong for her post in the film Irina, directed by Nadezhda Kosseva, organizers of the Sofia International Film Festival. Film Fest.

In 2018, the film won the best actor and first trip of Martina Apostolova and Nadezhda Kosseva, and in the autumn took part in 7 international film festivals and won awards for some. In March, the audience in Sofia was given "Irina" as part of Sofia Film Fest.

Actor Martina Apostolova in the film

© Sofia Film Fest

Actress Martina Apostolova in the film "Irina" is directed by Nadezhda Koseva

"Irina" tells the story of a young woman who has a great life – on the day she stayed from work, her husband suffered very badly. After the event, she decides to be a mother intake to help her family in poverty. In follow-up events and the rise of wealth, Irina is beginning to understand the new truth about love and the ability to forgive.

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