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Do you want long, healthy gloves? Here's what to change

A long and healthy diet is a dream in many women. That is why they are using gel polish to do the good hand.

Brussels and bristle are a problem that you can overcome. There are lots of ways, one of which is healers used as something that encourages growth and growth. Prior to this, however, it is best to think about the reasons for bad circumstances.

How can you help develop nails?

They grow at an average speed of 3.5 millimeters per month, and the distance depends on a number of factors, such as your health, diet and the way you look for your hand.

If you want to improve the strength of your nails, and stop when they grow up, make some of your changes:

Take care of your eating

Illegal diets are the main reason for thinning, touching and making more disturbing. You need to switch to a fair use of fruit, vegetables and other foods rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. The reason is that, particularly without some of them in the body, it is changing the uniform plate, for example iron, B complex vitamins, zinc, calcium and others. Also, look at a health professional if you need any support materials.

Use biotin

This is a type of vitamin B that happens in eggs, nuts, whole grains, beans, bananas. But it appears as add-ons.

How can you look after the arms at your house?

Biotin helps with the health of blood, skin and nails. It is estimated that 2.5 milligrams of bits per day will strengthen brushes. It can also promote growth, according to human health.

Keep your nails

Another thing that can grow to care for them is regular supervision. If you are cleaning, cutting and eating them with oil and vegetables regularly, they will not be as fragile and broken. Remember that cuts are also needed. They need to irrigate.

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Avoid clinging togels

If you want to practice with your ability at an event, don't go to junk artificial levers. The call itself will cause further damage to the nail plate and causes delay in growth. Poor eyes and acrylicics can also be affected.

Take care when you are ready

Many women clean at home without waterproof gloves. And some of the preparations are harmful to the hands. If you feel that you are burning and that you know your nails are weaker, you must stop using your hands. Even for a while it is time to wash their gloves well.

How do you stop your nails?

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