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Barcelona and Real (Madrid) will go to Camp Nou in the best attack. in the expectation of European football.

The second battle between the two main centers in Spain is this season and is in the fourth phase of the King Cup competition.

The games are two, but it is not possible to shut down that any of the teams can solve everything today. The meeting is about 22 hours and will be broadcast live on the BTV Action.

In their first decision in October, the Catalans defeated 5: 1 in the weakest after leaving Cristiano Ronaldo.

The big news in the Barca camp without Lionel Messi's outbreak he got in Valencia (2: 2) and could be done against Real. Valverde said, however, if Argentine is not completely ready, he will not endanger his health.

Photograph: Getty Images / Guliver Illustrations

The star star is very important to the Catalonians, and this is evident in his deadly statistics this season. It's just in the competition; Rosario is a genius at 21 goals and 10 support in 20 events in total.

Santiago Solari's real Madrid coach is not a prominent director, and this is reflected in the results in the past months. None of the players "white ballet" have left behind Ronaldo, and this may be a long-term problem.

Photograph: Getty Images / Guliver Illustrations

Solaris, however, is convinced that he hopes to participate in Mesi and is interested in football.

The talent of Brasilia Vinisius, who plays self-confidence, will truly depend on the talent. growing, with the first El Classico a & # 39; come to him. Gareth Bale is expected to start as a warrior.

Here are the potential possibilities:

Barcelona: Tergheggen, Seed, Pique, Langley, Alba, Artair, Rakitic, Buscakes, Kouttinho, Suarez, Messi

Real: Navas, Carvahal, Varan, Ramos, Marcello, Casemiro, Kroos, Modric, Vasquez, Vinicius, Benzema

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