Emergency precautions against measles! RHI-Plovdiv will list a list of children who are not protected

A Plovdiv District doctor has ordered a Departmental Health Check to examine the status of a child's vaccination from the 13 to 18 year olds who are vaccinated by a vaccine; measles. In unmunized open children or with only one fluid vaccine, they must be immediately taken with one amount of the vaccine together, they will learn TrafficNews.bgSouth Westerly

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Today, an order for the emergency emergency measures and the face of compulsory disease that doctors have to do to prevent the spread of illness in the area is published on the RIS-Plovdiv website.

"From February 14, 2019, the Health Ministry has received information on 5 cases of the crushed one with no epidemiological links. The disease in every five cases is caused by fever, catalyst – nose, aggregate and trout macula. They have been consulted by a deterrent and are in hospital. One case in a 37-year-old woman reported with the RHI in Sofia, was the four other cases in one or eight month children, reported by RZI -Blagoevgrad on two children at 1 year and 9 months and at age 3. Plovdiv Health Check.

Their correction states that all activists in the Plovdiv department are obliged to be in groups that deliver a vaccine from Plovdiv RIS out of 25 months d '; age. It is also essential to immediately cover the unbiased age group and prioritize every 1-dose vaccine against its & # 39; measles, rubbish and rubella during the year, not to eliminate the vaccine.

"Doctors' attention is aimed at early detection and detection of the actions required to report, describe, judge, prevent and cure. A case should be Any of the measles of a measles should be directed to a hospital consultant, hospital, and diagnoses and cures the exams. If you suspect the measles, take a – foreign citizenship, to live in the country for a short time, contact the "RZI-Plovdiv face-discharged face-to-face" control group "Awareness of infectious diseases" on listed in the order.

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