Eviction: The week is dangerous for emergencies and disasters

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The biggest effect of daylight saving is the loss of sleep and the need to "move" through the night. But in the first week of sudden change in life, it can lead to hospital events and death. Worldwide surveys have risen in harsh crisis, more workplace injuries and accidents.

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"Clock" and


body rhythms;

was like a clock inside. When the day comes out, the alarm activates: "You're going to be!" The hormones in the body that do not command the command are not taken to yet – they are used to connecting an hour later. As well as use, it also hinders the nature awakening strategy that is happening with the sun. As daylight increases, the brain swells away the formation of a hormone – melatonin. But in early April the sun does not rise so early that it coincides with the natural's rhythm with a summer holiday season. The night is repeated

the same crisis

with a back sign

– we can't

fall asleep,

for there is not enough melatonin synthesized. Even though we lay down on the summer clock, we turn to bed and usually we don't sleep for a full night.

By feeling that it is not enough time and that we have to rush it, that is threatened. On this basis, the switch to daylight saving is associated with the increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. According to one of the most recent scientific studies by American scientists, the first two days of transfer are linked to summer t

Higher risk of 8%

from ischemic

stroke – caused

from thrombus,

which blocks the blood flow to the brain. A further inspection in 2014 also notes that the change of time is related to




from heart attack

To counteract these dangers, it is recommended to try to sit 7-8 hours despite the shock of movement, accelerate the pace of work and stimulate our attention. The same legitimate advice as brakes also poses a risk of accidents in everyday life and road accidents.

A survey that looks at 25-year statistics on 500,000 workers injured in mines, reports

increase of

traumas by 5.7% t


after the changes

of the hour

The number of people not only increases – they are also heavier, and currently rises to 68% of the number of working days lost.

According to insurance company data,

the danger


for duplication


sleep for 2 hours

as usual

Changes over time are particularly damaging to migrant workers and people who are generally unaffected or sleeping apnea. The movement is also very difficult for children and people with chronic conditions.

Sleep experts give some much-needed advice but are having an adverse effect on the summer's impact on health.

1. In the morning, make sure there is a strong light as early as possible after your rise. The bright light will help you to zoom in to manage your sleep and glory. For the body, the sun is a natural sign for change of vision and functional ability.

2. Set yourself up to sleep time from 20 to 21 hours: avoid blue light on phones and computers, drinking porridge, that's not too big, do watch and read interesting stories – in the bed you can take a thrift book or bring your mind into mind with another uncomfortable activity.

3. Try to sleep for at least 7 hours. Evening pattern – if you can give it in a whole-room room is also working well make it more soft.

51% of Bulgaria live for the summer

The national Energy Ministry consultation, on the timetable chosen last year, shows that 51% of Bulbs are in the summer. 96% of people who voted about 17,000 people were sure to stop the scales twice a year.

The information from this study was recorded in a Bulgarian situation to take part in a working group discussion at EU level, as well as EU Council meetings. Bulgaria calls for the retention of a co-ordinated regime across the EU as the survey results do not provide a clear indication of whether they should choose a summer or winter time.

In the end, however, the European Parliament has decided to remove the arrow movement in 2021, with each member deciding on how long it should take a sustainable basis. Most Bulgarian ministers are for the winter months, but the most important is the ones which are parallel to their neighboring countries.

VMRO promised that a party would bring Sunday to Bulgaria and Macedonia at the same time as going into timescale. Macedonia is back.

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