Gypsy State: The Roma General Commissioner introduced the police, the prosecution and court in the neighbors – BLITZ

"Roma neighbors have a crime – we know children who have children, but why these parents are not accountable, I am asking the lawsuit.

We have local targets that we call – they have taken on court action, executives and police. Each community has a leader. "

This was introduced by Petko Asenov, Bulgarian Prime Commissioner for Roma in the Rome World Group, bTV reports.

In its words, the Roma World Group has made a very good program of experts, which was proposed to Deputy Prime Minister Krasimir Karakachanov to create a generic program.

"Karakachanov's concept permits the fire in the state because the writings are breaking all laws," said Assenov.

Later on, it became clear that the representatives of Sliven of Roma began to oppose Krassimir Karakachanov's concept. They were ready to go to a national campaign.

Chief Executive of Elin Pelin, Ivaylo Simeonov, emphasized the issue of election tourism – more than 400 people are registered at one address.

"We do not want to have minority groups, we want a community in Bulgaria to comply with regulations, and that many people are aware of the lives of people, and # 39 ; taking their identity cards, catching them, "said Ivailo Simeonov, who was selected with the help of IMRO.

In his words, the problem is in this double degree. It's not the problem that Roma has rights, but they do not. discharging their duties.

Petko Asenov said that all Roma's votes were sent by Elin Pelin on the orders of local directors Ivaylo Simeonov to become a master in the town and Simeonov refused. According to Higher Elin Pelin, the Roman commissioner of Assenov wants to have a minority of his & her; stay a minority.

Petko Assenov agreed that the social welfare of Roma should be stopped, but the state should give them work. In his words, Indian researchers are ready to come to Bulgaria and invest in the opening of jobs.

The Minister for Environment and the Neno Dimov Water also attended the debate, which is also chosen by VMRO voters, the steps taken; Praise for Roma in the Contest just directly against fascism.

"The voluntary approach is a failure both in Bulgaria and in Europe. Indeed, integration does not mean the shape of ghettos in which people have no live eye on on the one hand and on the other hand behind the staff. Education, achievement and opportunity to become part of society to be useful, "said Neno Dimov.

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