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He won the translation of Cagliari and Despodov Inter, the Bulgarian penalty + VIDEO

Cagliari was the first token in the 26th round of the A series when he spent 2: 1 at home. Nild Kiril Despodov Football No. 1 Bulletin for 2018 on his / her; piece in the 81th minute and eventually won a penalty that Nicole Barrela fell.

All the objectives fell in Sardinia in the first half. In 31 minutes the guests were led by their captain Luca Chepitelli, who scored with his head. Then, the effort could double the progress if not; Samir Handanovic's remarkable interaction.

After a while Lautaro Martinez came after the raid of Raja Ningolan, but in the 43 minutes Leonardo Pavioli was successful in Cagliari. After breaking, the game was a little more enjoyable, b & # 39; It was the taste of Cagliari, because there was no new goal.

In the morning, Sardines collected 27 points and are already 9 points from the distribution range. There are still 47 points between them and they can be moved from the third place if tomorrow Milan opposes Sassuolo on San Siro.

It was expected that Kiril Despodov's Cagliari refuge would suffer a little injury. Leonardo Pavlovi and João Pedro, assisted by Italian young football star Nicolo Barrela, have started the attack.

For Inter Lautaro, Martinez runs to the top in the highest position, and behind Luciano Spaleti, Ivan Perissic, Raja Ningolan and Matteo Politano. At the center of defense was Stefan de Fry and Milan Skrinar.

The first half on the island of Sardinia was very enjoyable to be at # 39; see due to the open play of both teams. Before fifteen minutes Cagliari had created two dangerous situations. Initially, Dario Sarna stated, Artairica went out on his head just over the goal. A little later, Leonardo Pawletti will split, but Samir Handanovich is a rescue.

He then took the initiative and put the events forward on the field, but in the 31 minutes he got a goal. Luka Chigarin is at the heart of a dispute, Captain Luca Cheptitelli is rising up and buying and selling her. inspire the keeper for 1: 0! Second after that, the guests lost a brilliant opportunity to double their leadership.

Paolo Farago's Rabbit, but Handanovich saved a great deal of intervention. Those who did not appear Joao Pedro were finalized, but the person who opposed her was tired. And instead of growing 2: 0, between balancing. On the right hand, Raja Ningolang broke off and brought him to the nearby beam where Lautaro Martinez was headed by Alesio Cranio for 1: 1!

Nerazzur did not enjoy long. In the 43th minute, Serna gave the second place out and Playoffs played one-touch with one-touch game again Cagliari took 2: 1! By the end of the half-time, he was still on the plane, and Raja Ningolang was defeated and Martinez did not grasp a small circle.

It was anticipated that the second part would start with anxiety and Cranio made two rescues after each other. Then Matteo Politano's backbone died, and then Martinez. Cagliari responded to an unsuitable beat to Pavlovi. Later on, Farago sent away from a distance, but into Handanovich's hands.

Then a game broke, the yellow cards dropped as a flood; supporting the islanders. In a 78 minute minute stopping the Ningolan ban, after which Martinez did not find a good psychiatrist of Marcello Brozovic.

In the 81th minute Kiril Despodov appeared on the playground in Pedro's place. Later on, the Borha Valero button broke and Martinez hit the bar after a small corner break and Cranio translation. In the 90th minute, Despodov won a penalty for Cagliari after stamping Milan Skrinar.

On the back of the wall was Nicolo Barrela, who did not hit the door. This was not fatal for the 2: 1 winning guests.

Cagliari – Between 2: 1

Highest Scòrraich: 1: 0 Cheetahs (31), 1: 1 Martinez (38), 2: 1 (1) Pavilion (43)

Cagliari: (70-Bradaric), Ionita (86-Padinin), Baraille, Pedro (81-Despodov), Pharaoh, Pavlovi
Coach: Rolando Maran

Between: Handovichov, D- Ambrosio, De Fry, Skrinjar, Asamoa (83-Kanreva), Ningolan, Perisic, Vesino (68-Valero), Brozovich
Coach: Luciano Spaleti

St .: "Sardinia Arena"
Judge: Luca Banty
Yellow cards: Cigarini, Pedro, Farago, Pavilles, Cranio (Cagliari); Skrinjar, Vesino, Brozovich (International)

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