Liverpool introduces Ox for the Welsh League

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Liverpool Cartoons, Alex Oksley-Chamberlain, to finalize the European League.

The middle of a badly damaged middle of the 1/2-final battles of the competition with Roma was the last season. It was expected that he would get back for the new initiative, but the process seems to grow faster than expected.

This is a good news for Jurgen Klop manager, as Ox will give him a wide range. There is little chance of getting ready for the 1/8-final chairs with Bayern Munich.

The first game will be played on An February 19 at Anfield, the second game will be held at Allianz Arena on March 13. It is more likely that Chamberlain may be put forward to be in the European League.

We remind that Virgil van Dijk is punished for her & her; First game against the German Hegemon. Thomas Müller is licensed for each meeting, and Manuel Neuer is questioning his trip to England.

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