Mitko Shterev is destroyed to save her daughter from drugs – Gossip

Mitko Shterev got the children gathered for a dinner at a restaurant in Sofia. This is the greatest gift for the master who turned 73, a & # 39; Retro writing.

His youngest daughter was already clean and did not face the drugs. The girl who fought the drug because of her parents' split.

For years, Mitko was officially separated, and there are two marriages behind him. These include three daughters. The first is a & # 39; to live with her mother in Germany, and the other two, the result of her sweetheart with his second wife, are fully evolved by herself. Duration (s: m: s)

"The most difficult thing for me to get Alexandra out of the drugs, I was destined to literacy because I was 24 hours a day with my child, 39; leave me, "Shterev has recently agreed.

In the dramatic moment of help, his great enemy, Kichka Bodurova, who went through this inn with his first-born children, came to her.

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