Monfys was attacked by Cycipas in the final finals

Gael Monfis won the fantastic game by Stefanos Tsitsipas in the fourth season of Sofia Open – 6: 3, 7: 6 (5).

The meeting looked at what was expected and gave great feelings that did not exist in a & # 39; competition, except for Grigor Dimitrov games.

Greek strong spectators were sometimes marked by Bulgarian fans in Monfys, but both players could be happy with their level of performance.

Due to the loss of the world's world, it is expected that Zycipas will, because he did not have a feeling in shape; Competition, and Monfis is still very high and does not have to go. giving any partners the opportunity to break.

The Chicaspas opportunities came in breaking down the second set but the French has still been very stable and deserving of success. In the final he will Play with their favorites for the title – Danil Medvedev.

In the first set, World No. 33 Monfys was too strong on his hand and gave 91% of the points when he got the first. Civicas started a huge fight and gave them three points for his / her. to break a conflict. One of them was achieved and the French made early progress.


So, the Greek star also started to serve well but only took four games of the opponent's service. After the Ninth Marathon Game, Monfis closed the seat with its third chance and properly directed.

The second set was very similar and gave us the spectacular camps that were expected. Monfish lost two points in the second game, but continued to provide powerful service – with the average 215 km / h.

In the tenth game, the audiences were out after Civicas turned the game from 0:30 and moved for 5: 5. He reached a very emotional and equitable breakdown, but Monfis made the a small scandal that affected him.

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