MYTHO EYES WOMAN WOMAN received it, covered in Sofia's passion panel (PHOTOS) – Blitz

Antigona Yanoulis, wife of Mityo Eyes, from his child, has left his family's baby in Nessebar. This is at least clear from her permanent residency registration.

According to the last genuine representative nature – "Mit Renta Carr", she lives in the Nadezhda area in one of the most common panels.

The company's headquarters are located in the Thurveykov district of Burgas.

BLIT wells say that Antigona Yanoulis has made his relationship with Stanka, mother Dimitar Zhelyazkov, worse in the past few months. Arriving to the family, they say that a & # 39; A powerful woman wants to control everything and, indeed, is the only one with Mityo Eyes's respect.

It is public intentions in the big cavities of the head of Nessebar. Antigone had to suffer himself, but the revelations Mityo Eyes was standing with a young woman when he was captured in Turkey.

From a video posted by an Andalan newsgroup, one of the two connected to Mithy's optical women shows in detail. A woman is very similar to other beauty, near the heart of Mar Capone, the varnish Reneta Nikolova. The 29-year-old dresser is the daughter of the person who lives alive, Nikola Nikolov, who was the manager of her. largest private banking company, Transsins.

Despite this, Antigone is still in a position; protect Dimitar Zhelyazkov. After visiting Turkey at the beginning of this year, she said, "It is difficult in the past to try to emphasize the person who is I have been living together since 2001 under one roof where I grew children and I know best of all of you. "

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