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Jeff Bezos' complaints could have been defended by American Media to complete his & her; contract finalized by the National Enquirer publisher last year with federal agents in New York for unlawful support for Donald Trump's campaign, saying Bloomberg analysts.

Under the agreement of the 20th of September, a paper publisher would have to stop any illegal activity for three years. The agreement also states that if AMI is based on AMI committing crime, the entrants will be protected, and # 39; including allegations about discrimination and the prevention of justice, may also be on the complaint.

The Amazon Amazon CEO publications have been produced by AMI that the risk of publishing its associated photographs will not be published unless it stops analyzing how its publication is published; continue to connect to the old television star Lauren Sanchez, and is politically promoted "". This may lead to a complaint, some legal experts say.

The law in New York states that it threatens to expose intentions or published material that has an adverse effect or a mystery, says Zakari Elsea, lawyer of Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert in Santa Monica, California. The AMI emails published by Bezos show how dangerous it is & # 39; as he says.

"This can be described as the behavior of crime," said the expert.

An AMI spokesman has not responded to questions to comment. Nicholas Bias, a lawyer spokesman, Jeffrey Berman refused to say.

The magazine will review Bezos for his wealth and roles, which makes it especially interesting for the media.

Under the agreement of federal prosecutors, AMI has allowed to work on Donald Trump's campaign to stop stories of "president's relations with women" and has agreed to work with the investigation . In August 2015, David Peker, the Chief Executive of the company, agreed the information of any threat about Trump that he had learned but was covered by a " Pay for unpublished stories – a user called: catching and killing ".

AMI can protect itself by saying that the email exchange between carers who just attempts to sort out arrangements, and AMI has been able to do so; praises a negotiation solution, saying Robert Schwarz from Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan in Los Angeles.

"The Speaker has a lot of lawyers and it does not start consulting first," said Schwarz.

Despite this, the share may be in trouble if it happens to have taken the personal pictures of Bezos illegally, he says.

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