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One million of their divisions lost Rachkov and Ignatova – Gossip

Just 2 months after the launch of "Lords of the Air", Maria Ignatova went down to Vasko Vasilev-Zueka, a shipyard beside Mitko Rachkov. Rowada is the prospect of the long story about the fun exhibition.

The amazing wonder is that of her; an airfield 4 months earlier on creating creatures that the two comets await a child. Others have accepted that Maria and Mitko, who have been tortured over the years, have been hampered and refused to direct the show against that.

The truth was quite different. Ignatova has begun to initiate X Factor music attack strategies, which will start in spring. He and Rachkov have re-started their private and TV companies to boost potatoes and potatoes.

At the beginning of September, one of the largest VIP couples opened in Bulgaria joined the 16th season of the TV show. In order to surprise the spectators, Mitko and Maria stared coal for the first time in 7 years. Both were together, then separated, and after another revival in their relationship this summer, the producer Judy Halvadjian decided he would have to do a twin screen again.

The 2-year-old relationship crash has completed a collection of wheels of different duties. After the division, an interest in Ignatova was greatly reduced because their appearance was now capable of being done, and practitioners were recruited largely due to comics. In order to avoid disappointing plays, Lady Producer Maggie Halvadjian made a timetable so that Maria and Mitko could not get out at the same time at the Global Movies office and do not. Bringing together their fun exhibition They also refused to appear at the same parties organized by the Halwajian company, a Writing weekend.

After they have to spread to & # 39; comedy publicly for the end of their 8-year relationship, the protests for her twin star for private parties and private parties were short cut. The two companies have increased the revenue with 2 million leva before they go to goodbye, according to data released in the Commercial Register. The Rachkov company, which just for activities outside its television conferencing, has given 2 million leva for a number of years. The comic booklets and the appearance of election campaigns and the leader of different corporate bodies and other jamborees were well paid.

In 2015, the BGN 1 million salary comic bookshop commissioner. Maria was a Collecting the same money and did not write about the things. According to the experts, their fee, which wanted to have a corporate party corporate, wedding or birthday party, total BGN 6,000 without VAT. The woman was also trading. Anyway, this is the main activity of "Jetcep". He had worked hard, but he did not give up a long break on expensive destinations, but he put up the black days. According to experts, their temporary division of the tandem is made up of BGN 1 mln.

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