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OPEC must increase production production due to high oil prices :: Investor.bg

Trump: Opec must increase production because of high oil prices

The President of the USA Donald Trump. Picture: Reuters

The countries of the countries have to export petroleum (OPEC) resulting in an increase in prices, the US President, Donald Trump, warned in a social Twitter message issued by CNBC.

Trump commented on the issue of sustained cuts to the vote that the OPEC and his friends, who were conducting Russia, had at the end of last year. These reductions are at the heart of the rise in oil prices from the start of the year.

The President's claim to the President went down on price in small commercial hours. Brent and US crude oil prices recorded a decline of more than 1.5 per cent short after 9m East of the United StatesA total of 16 hours in Bulgarian).

Researchers believe that the compression that the administration of Trump created has helped the oil decision to increase production levels in June last year. However in recent months OPEC has taken account of the US president's views on social networks.

The group and his friends, known as OPEC +, agreed to abolish new appointments in December at a meeting in Vienna, despite Trump's defeat to those countries. T Maintaining removal rates.

Since January, the band have tried to keep a decline down 1.2 million barrels a day, wishing to overthrow money in the markets.

Minister of Energy Saudi Arabian, Khalid al-Falih, in February said the organization is considering the option of extending the changes and after the end of its planned mid-year period.

OPEC + delayed the April meeting, when the group needed to review its cuts against the impact of US sanction on Venezuela and Iran.

Brent was traded for $ 74 a barrel, and WTI – about $ 68 in a barrel when Trump published Twitter's message against OPEC's operation in April in April. Last week North Sea signal was $ 68.69 barrels, and the crude oil for the USA was $ 60.39 barrel.

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