Parents ordered a fast virgin merchandise Mercedes – News Crime

A love story is at the heart of Mercedes C 220 D in Aitos, Flagman learns.

The corporate guardian, first told by the earlier procurator's office today, has previously been fulfilled, but the person who is presenting the secretary has found inquiries in the Aites.

According to unofficial information, his car was run by a 20-year-old aythos who had a short journey with a native teenager from Aitos. He slept with her but abandoned her, who was disturbing her parents. The main route was that they asked Aptoula to start the Mercedes with Molotov – for revenge that the Aitolia was the best to destroy their daughter and then abandoned him.

At the same time, the Aitos District Court behind the contractor's bars was the "wet order" M., which found enough evidence to be included in this crime. Work on the case is a & # 39; going on and, in any case, the product is expected to be very interesting.


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