Players AC Milan hit a band (VIDEO) – Sports news


There were stunning performances of a Milan bench through the Inter race, lost with 2: 3. Frank Kessie and Lucas Billy were close to fighting and only tempted other people on top time very heavy.

The Cavalier scored 1: 3 in the 69th minute and it became clear that he was worried. When he went to a place, he changed his answers with Billy and erupted him. Cassie tried to beat the team. Injaio Abate, Ricardo Rodriguez and Fabio Borinini have hindered the situation from altogether.

“Everything from the adrenaline in the game was a shame when I left a game and I wanted to do something more. I took it to Lucas and it was a mistake, I asked the apology after that. It is older than me and I should learn from it. I'm sorry, "said Kessock after the fight. T

Billy explained that the matter has been forgotten and that everything is ok.

“Frank is aware of what I told him, and then explained the story. We all wanted to win, but that thing is not to be done before everyone. We might have to keep it in the dressing room. I asked the boys and the coach personally. We were ashamed of our club. This won't happen again, “said Argentina.


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