Police policing 23-year drug drugs – Criminal news

103 grams of amphetamine took hold of Vidin last night, the media office published by the Interior Directorate's Divisional Directorate.

At 10:30 pm in the town of Topolovets, looking for the Opel Astra car dress by Vidin, 30. The car was also traveled with two other residents in the locality – a 37-year-old man and a 23-year-old woman. In the vehicle that came from & # 39; A carriage from the outside jewel of the girl came a plastic bag with a white butt. For field drugs, 103 gram weight weight response for amphetamine.

All passengers in the car will be kept for 24 hours. Work on the case is a & # 39; On-going, pre-trial proceedings were established.

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