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Rachkov threw a bomb: I'm in Shia Show from the next Monday! (PHOTOS)

A new gourmet piece was played in the episode "Like two drops of water" today. Blitz remembers last Monday when he was the start of the show for reminiscences, the Dimitar Rachkov and Vassil Vassilev rise – Zueka broke with the late Freddie Mercury and re-invented the film "Bohemian Rhapsody"South Westerly

Due to it the ugly coal used the netSouth Westerly

Today, however, Rachkov and Zueka made a new exhibition. He was related to one of the most subtle symbols – the martenitsas.

"We're working on a television called" Nova. "We have a new owner, so new traditions are needed, so there's a white and green martenitsi," said Rachkov.

He and his colleague painted the jury against the producer, Maggie Halvadjian, Hilda Kazasyan and Dimitar Kovachev – Funky, with balconies in white and green colors.

"Many people have written to me that your jury is unhappy," said Halvadjian.

"Good! The next Monday you can see me at" The Slavi Show "- performing night," Ratchkov cut off.

Try it, "said Maggie.

"What should I try? I'm already there," said Ratkov, but Halvadjian agreed to cut it off with the words "I do not know how long it will last".

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