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Rashidov: Largo haunted is guilty of the Oresharski government

Vezhdi Rashidov

All accounts for the Largo, even those for $ 5, are in the Ministry of Culture. The president of Culture and the previous Minister of Culture, Vezhdi Rashidov said today, is today's journalists.

"Largo is the worst thing. Many of the checks, surveys, OLAF made a check. Every message for 5 levaes in the Ministry of Culture has only one concern. In & # 39; Germany, when I was in hospital, I was told that there was an opportunity to lose 3 million. Do you understand that this is going to reach a Ministry's investment, even a small budget, and to pay European money coverage. We looked for every opportunity. Boy, stop my cure, I went back to Sofia. This Largo is just empty … I am says he has grown so that he would have helped me to be ill, "said Rashidov.

"When I saw they were pulling down, we talked to people we can calmly and calmly meet the date so we do not miss money. The whole problem is in than 30 days, which the government of Oresharski is convicted. One year in the Nylon is the ball, "he said.

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