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Scandal at Opera Vienna State


Scandal in Vienna State Opera

Less than a week will give the children of Ballet Academy an impression of an inappropriate idea




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Opera Opera Vienna – Vienna, 2005 (Photo: Getty Images / Guliver Photos)

Find out about the jacket each week", told by the daily newspapers and by television news coverage of the television, they said that children did not have enough ideas about it. Ballet Academy at Vienna State Opera, reciting BTA.

The newspaper publishes reports from a teacher from the Academy's academy " ta victim of violent and dangerous violence training methods"The spectrum goes from humbling, violence and sexual abuse, and pupils were pushed to bulimia and anorexia, and for months taken the Office of the Procurator Vienna, who is dealing with the fight, took children and adolescents, involved in the proceedings: "Indeed, we had to close the school." A complaints officer responded that one of the teachers was against one of the teachers who had been physically and mentally opposed to the students. and a college graduate who was a graduate of the college had complained about the allegation of sex. After the appropriate protocol had been submitted, the teacher was refused and a study was submitted.

Photo: Getty Images / Guliver Photos

Director of Dominique Mayer He has told the newspaper Falter that he is being shaken by the issue and will help the authorities find the anomalies in the academy. Today Opera Vienna has presented the material on the subject of the prosecution.

The newspapers report statements from old pupils, according to their relationship as slaves, education methods during the nineteenth century.

The official newsletter from Opera Vienna State for the Media says: "We offer our full sympathy to students and students who have suffered physical and psychological abuse. We do not accept any kind of attack, malicious or mental body, apathy, contempt and abuse from power position.. "

The scandal looks at the 150th anniversary of the State Opera of Vienna, which takes place in May 2019.

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