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Three of the best men named Hell and Kitchen are in the cookery competition, Hell's Kitchen, developing a restaurant business in the capital city, as well as being one of the best guests. Bozidar Delchev – Bozho, winner of Danny Spartak and silver spinner Philip Spassov.

A couple of days ago, Bozho has a new open street bar, as well as the location is very familiar.

In his personal social network profile, he shared the official Facebook page of the pub, and his friends were rushing up and getting extra information.

The hot kitchen master rarely talks about his life in love, but he always says that the lady beside him is raising confidence, and that is one of the reasons he understood. His goals in the cooking arena.

Philip Spasov was disappointed with most of the listeners who killed him. The second most inspirational source for the talented chef placed on the family restaurant for a French feast in Varna and opened a bakery in the capital. Although Philip's desire was strong, he makes sense to do well with pasta. Most scenes will be around Spasov's spas.

Danny Spartak, who won Hellie Kitchen's first album, shared the idea of ​​opening a restaurant.

“I have a family project in the spring and my wife will open a restaurant in the middle of Sofia, and I save the money from Hell's Kitchen, which is still in the bank, and which is on show identification for the education of Nicholas, his son. It was a small family restaurant. I work with Svetla The similarities take us together, we are also working together, I want to work with her, a kind of my right hand, I know I can be responsible for her help . And the small group of people who did not break up after the show was written, "said Danny.


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