Spas named Rusev that he took him away from Levski! Make a very important personal record (VIDEO)

The Levski Spas Russev owner said he had taken away from the club. In an interview with NOVA, the owner of the majority of the "blue" also clarified his / her; issue of Levski duties.

This week, information from Chief Executive Pavel Kolev found that the debts are more than 30 million shares. Rusev made a very important statement that they would be wound up after he had withdrawn from Gerena's power.

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"At the time of the General Assignment and the date called to move to the building, the liabilities may be less than half the amount of its fatigue now – between 15-16 million leva," said Spas Russev.

Asked if the money he gave to the club was loaned, Rusev said: "There is no other formula in football."


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