Syria builds a reflection of "Tsarigradsko shosse" Sofia a & # 39; New build in Druzhba (PHOTO) – Blitz

The campaigner born in Syria, Dr. Malek Nasser, admitted to the decorative fever that influenced Sofia citizens. After "Kapital Fopt" with 126 mtpa viscochina, in Sofia, Bulgaria. "Tsapigadkoko šoce", a Plovdiv citizen is encouraged to build a 90-meter construction right on Copenhagen Boulevard in the fourth "Druzhba" Sofia. His partner is the "Gert Grup" company, known under the hills with the "Panorama Park" parts, reports "Maritsa"South Westerly

"The zone in Druzhba is designed for high construction. We bought a land of 6 acres, we are currently developing a detailed plan and technical design. We & # 39, fighting for a high construction – over 90 meters. If we do not protect those parameters, we'll go up to 50 meters, which also proves our hopes and hope, "said the an entrepreneur.

He explained that the Soviet market is different from Plovdiv. While the hills are built largely to homes, The capital is the ratio of rooms / offices in one 50:50 building. The Copenhagen Boulevard building continues a similar scheme, but as long as Building is responsible, it is based on recent trends such as the quality and class of materials. With every message at the new home: from superb elevations to smart devices and video surveys.

In April, Dr. Nasser launched another project – this time in the Varna sea capital. In a record of 10 decares on Vuzrazhdane Blvd it began to build a residential exchange of 3 buildings. The project looks at RT, bow. Rado Todorov, and the Nasser company investment – "Eurobuild M1". "At an area of ​​30,000 square meters, we plan 214 dwellings and more parking spaces," said the predator.

"In most of the land we've been watching recently, the two areas of land in Sofia and Varna are the ones most associated with us. Yes, We expand our business outside the Plovdiv market, but it is an opportunity for us to gain more knowledge, to strengthen our links on the market with other developers as well as local providers, "said Dr. Nasser. Accordingly there are no obstacles to develop its business in Plovdiv, but here some of its recent ideas have been delayed recently.

"I would not say we have a barrier on us, the windows themselves have become more complex because they come into protected areas protected by the Institute of Cultural Monuments." In order to reinforce the language of speech, Nasser chose the other option – projects in other cities in the country. "There is no way we need to work. I have a lot of administration and a large number of staff. So every month I expect to pay the prize," said Dr . Naser.

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