Tesla is a US Battery Producer Advance – Technological News

Panasonic, who is a special supplier of Tesla electric cars, has fallen by 6.5 per cent after California's manufacturer announced that he was buying Maxwell Technologies of US $ 218 million ($ 191 million), CNBC statement .

The contract allows Tesla to be & # 39; maximize its own potential and reduce its costs against the competitiveness of the competition; growing from the old car. In January, Maxwell Technologies stated that they have made progress in the name "dry butterflies" technology, which can significantly increase the independent range of electric vehicles and Reduce the cost of batteries.

Maxwell Technologies also creates ultra-capacitors that are capable of creating. releases faster energy than batteries and is considered as positive component technology. Last May, the owner of the Volvo Geely Holding Group has agreed with the ultra-capacitor supplier of the SA for its integrated models, and its customers are also General Motors and Lamborghini.

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